Hi everyone! I hope you all magazine lovers are all ok.

I have to tell you that last week i was babysit my sisters dog when she was on a job interview in a city near by.

As time passes I started to be quite bored. I snooped around her apartment for some Glossies or other womens mags.  I found some Plaza Kvinna, Daisy magazines and a “wellness” magazine that have a very high gloss finish. I sat down in her sofa in the livingroom and started to look around in the mags.  My penis began to rise in my pants.  Soon I started to masturbate my erect penis. Especially to the Welness magazine with Molly.  I had to take some pics for you as you can see. Lucky enough, I had a condom that I put on my penis so i could cum without my sisters notice.  I really wanted to blow my load in the mags but i was to affraid. After about 30 minutes maturbating i cummed to a add in Plaza Kvinna and for Molly in that Welness mag. My sister got back later that evening and she asked me if everything gone well. I told her yes of course :). For my sister, She got the job.

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  1. Hi!
    not in particually. I get turned on by the make-up girls and for the feminin thing a womans magazine really is. It is very arousing to masturbate to addvert girls in womans magazine.

  2. Wow I admit that cover of Wellness with Molly look so gorgeous!
    I also sometimes like to masturbate with ads for makeup, especially L’Oréal and Maybeline ads.

    1. It is nice to read that I am not alone to masturbate to Lóreal or Maybelline ads.
      Nowadays i get very aroused when i see Lóreals Aishwarya Rai or Karlie Kloss, I almost instantly starts to masturbate.
      When I was younger I liked to masturbate to Isabella Rossellinis Lancome ads in ELLE or BURDA International.

      1. Hoo you also like the latest ads with Karlie Kloss? I love it too ! And in general, I really like Karlie.
        I don’t see Aishwarya Rai ads nowadays, what a pity they don’t publish in here… I even don’t know if I still have one ads with her, maybe in an old ELLE, I should look for it.
        I checked on Internet the ads with Isabella Rossellini, it look great!

        1. God! Karlie are so gorgeous. I have to say that i masturbated to her Loreál Million Lashes ad today.
          you quite right about Aishwarya Rais ads, I dont see them to often nowadays.
          I also have to say that I drain my balls to Barbara Palvin with “Miss Manga” and “Miss Punky” Mascara ads. They are often published in Swedish ELLE magazine and CHIC Magazine.

          1. Barbara Palvin is my current favorite too. Got few mags with her on the cover. Loved that Elle Swe where she is on the cover!

  3. Oh yes I crave for those gorgeous Italian Elle and Marie claire thick glossies, their soft sweet scented aroma and glossy feel excites me as I love to snuggle up close to their glossy spreads.

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