Like many of you, I discovered fashion magazines as a child. It started with catalogues and I remember vividly at about age 8 flicking through the pages and becoming aroused. At the time of course I didn’t know what it meant but I liked the feeling so kept on doing it. As time went on I started to become aroused when looking at my mother’s magazines and would flick through them with an erection still not really knowing what it was all about. My parents were both nudists and so I was very comfortable with being naked and this was completely normal for me. I remember when my mother saw me sitting with an erection while looking at one of her magazines at about age 9. She explained what the erection meant and encouraged me to explore my body. After that point, my mother always happily placed her magazines in my bedroom for me after she had finished with them. It was wonderful growing up in such an open household.

As an adult, my love of magazines has come with me. I am happily married and my wife is well aware of my fetish and incorporates it in to our sex life. She is very happy to masturbate me or give me a blowjob while I flick through my latest magazine.

It’s a funny thing and hard to explain to someone who doesn’t share the fetish. I cannot walk past the magazine stand in the supermarket without becoming aroused. Sitting on a train across from a woman who is reading a magazine is very hard (literally). I remember once being on a plane sat next to a lady who was reading a copy of Vogue. I spent the whole flight sat with an enormous erection as she flicked through the pages. Part of it is the forbidden element for me. I get most aroused when looking at magazines when I really shouldn’t be. For example, sitting in the doctor’s surgery I will flick through a copy of Hello or OK and make sure I have my bag on my lap. Sometimes I cum in my pants like this due to the excitement of being so aroused while in public. I do try not to though.

My favourites are Elle, Porter, and Hello Fashion Monthly. My absolute favourites though are the Hello Pret-a-Porter specials. About 400 pages just filled with fashion pictures.

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  1. Welcome aboard!
    Always nice to have new members sharing this lovely fetish of ours.
    You are so blessed, having a wife that actively takes part in this passion of yours…

  2. I started with my sisters copies of Just Seventeen magazines, then big magazine and more! Eventually got into Marie Claire, vogue, Elle grazing and look. I love them all

  3. You are so lucky to have a wife that is supportive of your fetish. My wife is aware, but is not at all open to incorporating it into our sex. I also got started with this fetish as a kid when fashion magazines, and victoria’s secret catalogs were the closest thing to porn I could get my hands on. I would take them from my sister and mom and hide them under my bed so I could masturbate to them.

  4. Well, It is nice to see that I not the only one who have been seen with a erection by a family member. My sister saw me with a huge erection when I was in her room stealing her “Veckorevyn”(a teen magazine). I was in her room when she open up her door and saw me. I remember how I freezed and didnt know what to do. She shut the door behind her and asked quiet quickly if she was allowed to touch it. With a shaky hand she tried to masturbate me. Both of us had never been with somebody, so we where both newbees. Yes I came..This have never been repeated, and we never talked about the incident. It is 30 years ago.

  5. I love to hear stories about our common fetishes . I must say that my wife allows me to play with my fetishes like masturbating with her fashion magazines , she often masturbate me and she buys every magazine i ask her

  6. I get so happy every time i read something like this. There is more of us! What ever fetish people may have, you can always find it on various porn sites. But i find this fetish to be hard to find videos of. Maybe because it’s so easy to pleasure ourself with it but i get super aroused when i see others doing it.
    I also have a wife who knows and helps me sometimes. Sometimes when i come home from work she is naked in bed with alot of magazines under and on her. I work with magazines so i can get alot of them for free. Sadly not that many glossy ones but enough to keep me happy. 😉

    Woman magazines usually do it for me but certain porn magazines gets me extra on tbh. 😉

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