As every week, I have been to buy new magazines this morning.
Today is Femme Actuelle and Hola.

I guess most of you doesn’t know yet those ones. Let me introduce you.
Femme Actuelle is a french weekly women’s magazine, mostly aim for women who are from 30 to 60 years old.
It talks about topics like fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle (home, cooking, psychology, etc).
It is not thick, around 85-90 pages, sometimes can be up to 130 pages, when it’s a special issue (beauty, fashion). The pages are very soft. It is one of the most read in France, and it is the number one in this sector (general women’s lifestyle). According to the stats, around 25% of the readers are… men! Hehe they might hide themselves, because mostly I see women reading that one.
Anyway, here, nothing, I started to read it when I was around 10 – 11 years old. That time I appreciated we could find sometimes women naked. And it was the only glossy magazine at home.
The first time of my life I masturbate was on a porn movie (I was 12 yo). And the second time was on Femme Actuelle! I took one and I started to touch myself. It was so good and I cumed quite fast.

And then, all the time during my teenage years, I borrowed secretly those magazines, find the best pages and masturbate, imagining that usually women read this kind of magazine and it makes me more horny.

So as you can see, it is a real lovestory between me and Femme Actuelle. Until now and I hope for a long time more.
Except that now I grew up, I buy it on my own. And I am proud to show I buy it in the shop. I guess the seller is familiar with me now. She might wonder why I buy this kind of magazine eheh. If only she could knew! I also like to keep it on the street and show I have it. At home, my wife know about my fetish now and she is ok with it, so now I am free to masturbate on them whenever. At the beggining of our relationship, I had to hide to do it.

Well, that’s it about Femme Actuelle.

About Hola Magazine, the story is a little bit shorter. Hola is one of the most famous magazine in Spain. You probably know the english version named “Hello”. It is also present in the world, especially in South America and some countries in Asia.
It talks about celebrities’s life.
I started to know this magazine around 10 years ago, because four times a year, they make special issue “Pret a Porter” and “Haute Couture (Alta Costura)”. Those issues are very thick and big dimensions. It shows photos (only one full size photo per page) of the last fashion shows. It is also good to masturbate. The paper quality is also very soft. I can show you in another post if you are interested.
And since 3 years ago, I started to buy the “normal” version of the magazine. Which have the same size, but with less pages (around 116 pages per weekly issue).

I hope you enjoy. Don’t hesitate to comment.
I let you now take a look at this week’s issues. I snaped the best pages:

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  1. I remember Femme Actuelle when i was on vacations in France. I never forget it. it ws on the beach and suddently i swa a teenage girl reading that magazine. Very hot 🙂 did your mother read the magazine when you was a child??

    1. Exactly BXV ! This is how I know it.
      Too bad you didn’t bring back some copies for yourself. I assure you, you would enjoy it! Maybe next time hehe

      1. Well perhaps next time 🙂 I Think some of the best is, if you see a young woman or a teenage girl reading their mother´s magazines. that is soooo hot.

  2. I will search some issue because they seem to be two very beautiful magazines with gorgeous girls
    Damn here in Italy it’s very difficult to find them

    1. Haaa yes especially Femme Actuelle have almost every week very nice covers with very beautiful unknown models. I will post more later about Femme Actuelle if you like it.
      I guess it is not easy to find them in Italy. Actually I was trying to look to find the magazine ELLE Italia in France, after getting recommended by an other member, but impossible to find it in my city! What a shame, such a famous magazine! And I am too far to Paris, where we can find it easier.
      About Femme Actuelle, or other magazines, I can suggest you a french website where they do deliver around the world if you want, in case you really can’t find it. But I don’t know how is their service, as I never use it.

  3. Oh my…
    I’ve often seen issues of Hola “Pret a Porter” and “Haute Couture” at my favorite magazine store, and they always looked quite delicious – big and glossy and thick.
    I never bought them though because I felt they were too expensive.
    However, now I’m intrigued and will surely buy me one (or two) on my next visit to the store.

    1. How much does Hola Pret a Porter and Alta Costura cost in your country ?
      In Spain, it’s 6€, in France it costs 8,90 €. I feel for this kind of magazine, it is still affordable, while other special issues, like Vogue Collections for example, cost around 20€. And it is just four issues per year, only two if you pick only Pret a Porter or Alta Costura.
      If you want, I can make a post to show you what it is look like inside. So it can help you to decide if you will buy one next time. Mostly they show pictures of models on the catwalks.
      About Hola (the normal issues), it cost 2€ in Spain and 3,8€ in France.

      1. To my recollection Hola Pret a Porter and Alta Costura may cost about 30 €, each – quite a lot !
        Still, my mind is made up and I surely intend to buy a copy and abuse it nice and well…

  4. I am addicted to Hola, and use to masturbate when lying on it, it sticks very well to the skin – so I wear it also under my clothes…and then go to buy more mags…

    1. I must get them and cocoon my body inside their glossy smooth pages sticking to my skin so I can absorb the gorgeous aroma from those magazines.

  5. Oh yes I love Italian ELLE and Marie Claire glossies they have gorgeous sweet aroma pages that I cuddle into as I drift into fashion magazine heaven.

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