Jun 142020
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  7 Responses to “Nearly forgot these two…”

  1. Very lovely Cosmo – it even matches the white dots on the duvet cover!

    • Lol, I like spotty patterns, I have a couple of womens spotted jumpers and a spot print dress plus satin nightdress and wrap in purple with pink spots too!!! xxx

  2. The Cosmo cover with Sofia makes my cock stands erect almost instantly. God!! Her look is so amazing. . I got to have this issue!

  3. I must say part from Vogue.
    The covers on most magazines so for in 2020 have been really hot.
    Tatler and woman and home for example I could buy the while years worth so far.

    • Woman and home has surprisingly had some very nice covers hidden away in the background. So much so that I have subscribed to have her delivered each month x

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