Oct 042019


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  10 Responses to “New group for magazine lovers! On discord! Its a Well developed server, and i take any ideas for improvement serious”

  1. This has nothing to do with magazines – just a play games sites

    • Actually it does. Discord is a place where you can make group chats based on anything you want. So technically it does have something to do with magazines

      • Discord is just a chat / talk plattform like skype or teamspeak. so if you do a special discord server for mag wanking, you are right, if not, it’s wrong.

        I hate discord. Sound quality is poo…in my opinion.

  2. The link gave me a “invite expired” error message. I’d love to join though!

  3. Sounds good! More info!

  4. I want to join, but the link is not working. Is there like a static join link for discord that exists somewhere?

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