I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy the sexy feel of female glossy magazines.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated…

I’m incredibly open minded and I’ve done about all I can think of with magazine’s.

From having a warm bath and a dozen mags to rolling them up and having my girlfriend fuck me with them.

From making a dress out of glossy pages to filling up the front room floor inch deep in magazines and having sex.

Every day is a school day and I’m sure other people are enjoying them differently so please share guys… xx

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  1. I use plastic addisive tape large size like for packaging boxes or with special strength, but recently i bought some elastic belts to use to ware mgazines under my cloths – I love to wear them under my cloths when I go out to buy some magazines…

  2. Love you magazine choice – I’ve spent years wanking over more! – I’d love to get you round for a session with my glossies – I’m very bi want to enjoy glossies with like minded folk.

    I’ve got a good collection of More!, look, Grazia, Cosmo, Elle.

  3. Great post and very nice pictures!

    Two ideas:

    1. Wrap yourself in saran wrap with magazines covering your body
    2. Get your girlfriend to spank you with a rolled up magazine

    Have fun!

  4. I used to use cling wrap to seal the magazines onto my body nice and tight. These days i uses womens shapewear to do the job. I also use weekly magazines around my penis. I get usually four expendable ones cut a perfect hole in the middle of them and you can use your imagination what i do next.

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