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Came across a while ago and now just feeling the need to post. From the Toronto area in Canada.  Been collecting magazines for a long time and glad to see I am not the only one!  I have a big collection that I add to every month. I do my rounds for new issues, get new susbscription issues in the mail for my wife and I am constantly checking the buy and sell for lots of mag collections. I love womens fashion and fitness magazines. Currently subscribed to Shape, Womens Health, Elle Canada and just now Vogue! Looking forward to my first Vogue to come in.  It can be an expensive issue on newstands.

Others that I buy though, are Health, Porter(great Canadian publication), Elle US, Cosmo US and UK, Bazzar, FASHION, Vanity Fair and more.  I also have a massive collection of Playboy and Penthouse, but my favourite is my big collection of years of Elle Canada and FASHION subscriptions. Love it!20170321_000305 20170320_235841 20170511_232232 20170511_232211 20170511_232222 20170511_232334

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    1. I do often! They’re so sexy! I should get my entire collection together and lay them out. I usually dont last long when that happens though!

    1. I think the Katy Perry cover is my favourite. Im a sucker for a woman in heels.
      My wife is aware and knows I jerk off to her magazines. She thinks its kind of cute that I still use “analog” resources.
      I dont think she realizes the collection I keep!

  1. Wow this is amazing
    I haven’t bought a psychical copy for years not even ordered them offline sadly
    I got told too stop ordering them or buying them sadly I won’t go into the details
    So I buy digital copies but it’s not the same
    But I work with what I have (I have plenty and I have newspapers and Calendars too)

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