Happy new year to you all.

The admin-team has decided that we no longer will accept persons to write or comment in here with an temp email.

Since allmost all here has a profile it will only affect a few here.

We are all in this toghether, and we share the same fetich, so the least we can do is create a profile and be an active part of this page.

The only ones who will be allowed to post in here, will be persons with an accessible profile!

From this moment on, any comment from a person with no profile here will be deleted immediately .

Best rgds

The admin-team


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  1. I dont get why anyone would have a problem with this: Do any of us really want this site full of bots or users that are here to spam?
    remember in the start, where some user made a fake profile, and just made posts with add´s. Do we want this again?

    And if your are SO afraid, to use your own email on a fetish site, just make a specific fetish email. No problem.

    Not everything is a conspiracy you know 🙂

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