Hello everyone,

You have recently saw an article on 29th December, posted by BXV, that I didn’t validate.

Nevertheless, the idea proposed by BXV, is interesting, as we recently saw some people commented just for trolling.
BXV offered to help me to filter the comments and he is tired to see this kind of comments.
I read the comments you wrote under that post and see that your opinion is shared.

So today, to make it more formal, and as we are a community, I propose you to vote about this idea.

Rules for voting are simple:
– Click on the answer you want
– Also write your vote in the comment (just YES or NO is enough). Thanks to that I can see that people didn’t click multiple time on the poll and I can really count the real result.
! Only Registred Users are allowed to vote. Comments from outsiders won’t be considered !

Comments section must be locked to registred users only ?

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12 Responses

  1. Little update, we have 9 YES, 1 NO according to the comments.

    The polls shows 43 answers –> who is the troll who voted more than once ! :p
    Anyway, it also shows a majority of YES.
    Sorry for the two voters who ‘only want love’, but hey, you will also get love here, no worries !

    I will leave the poll until the week end I guess. But except there is a sudden turnaround or someone ask to recount all the votes, we can consider that the YES won.

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