Holy shit!!! I just got my new butt plug and I thought it would be a little bigger but oh well. It’s in me right now as I type this. Oh FUUUUCK!!! Also these are some of the magazines I got over the summer. I have some more but I’ll post those later

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  1. This is super sexy! I bet it feels so good to walk around with that inside you. I would love to have one slide in and out while I’m covered in glossies

  2. Hot! I love the feeling of having my ass plugged while I play with my magazines! My plug is much bigger than that, but I’d still love one like that cause it looks much more girly than mine.

  3. Nice! I love being plugged in while reading my magazines. It is convenient to start with something small to not to hurt yourself and then go up. I particularly like using prostate stimulators while reading, there is nothing like starting to leak alone. I have a little pink stimulator, very girly btw. That issue with Selena definitely deserves it…

  4. I love magazines, the fetish and I even crossdress, but I don’t know how I feel with so many explicit images here. Some are pretty tacky or even borderline disgusting.

  5. Interesting comments. Got a question totally out of intrigue. I’m straight ok. If we’re still allowed to describe it as that!!
    Anyway if some you guys are Gay? Why are you interested in women or through the medium of magazines?
    If nobody answers I understand etc I suppose just cause someone likes a plug doesn’t make you gay?
    Equally advance apologies if anyone is offended by the question no intent or malice meant.

    1. Im bi over here. So I have an equal interest in men and women.
      But everyone has their motivation behind their interest in magazines. We all here just have an interest in the printed medium. Seems like some guys like the feel of them. Some like the texture. Some like the visual imagery. We could probably fill a million posts about what and why we enjoy these magazines.
      To add to it, plugs do not make you gay regardless. Butt play is only as gay as you make it. Prostate massage is a fantastic thing, and I appreciate that a fellow magazine friend likes it too.

      1. I am also Bi and agree with everything glossy0pages said. I love seeing other men that get as turned on by their magazines as I do. Butt play does not make a guy gay by any means. This question seems to overwrite the possibility of someone being Bi or flexible in any way other than 100% completely straight or 100% completely gay.

        And I 100% agree that Prostate massage is an amazing and wonderful thing, and you should try it, regardless of your sexual orientation.

  6. Times times magazine times I got the magazine for the New York times times times magazine times I got the magazine because I love you so much. Vogue Vogue magazine vogue oh my God Megan Megan magazine oh my
    Hospitals are from the New York Times call my God magazine mega mega mega zine oh my God oto so much so much

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