Jan 232019

As promised 6D181C42-82ED-4153-8CAB-E1BE66FB961C 6D55B880-0C5A-43D5-B353-B5F4BA8AC93A 6EB0974E-88D1-4F3C-94F5-649AE783DD67 E7B35CFB-2081-4143-B582-FC43F044011F 367CF44E-4DCC-490F-9C30-1D18F6DC94CC 06563AAA-BA21-48C4-AE74-85781A55A4F6 40E63635-A30F-462A-B597-11DAD7FC9DA7 61DAE728-E3C8-4B11-A2F4-A18620DBBB2B 5FC03335-6F7F-4911-80DD-EB84479C3355 14D09711-E743-4223-9456-7188147A9E0D CC44EA49-1F94-431A-863C-032B1D523CFB 8D4A3742-8EA7-4C6E-9133-DCD8902AE808 47CBFDE5-5B70-42D2-A152-BD766E453162 B31F9B53-6C5C-4C28-AD8C-2EEED5B891F5 732436B6-78A8-4EEC-BB7C-7560FAA48879here are the pics


  7 Responses to “Niki Minaj Paper Magazine Winter 2017”

  1. Lovely – thanks for posting!

  2. This is amazing. Now i want this too ^-^

  3. Profile photo of

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! How’s the rest of the magazine??

    • The rest is ok, a few pages with guys. Not a gay person. Don’t like the rest really. Those are the hottest pages that were worth sharing

  4. my god. so hot pics. i directly looked in ebay, found two issues and ordered them. how many pages with niki are into it? round about…

  5. Those pages need to be covered in jizz

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