Hi all. When was young maybe ten or so. I use to remove my mother’s

old fashion magazines from the garbage. I would clean them off the best I could

and save them. Nothing wrong with that, they were in the trash anyway.

One night when the family was asleep, I took all my fashion magazines to bed with me.

I started to rip them up. Crushing all the pages and destroying them. Nothing wrong

with that these glossies were in the trash anyway right? My mother could hear all the noise

this made and to her it sounded like the house was on fire! She opened the door to my

bedroom and found me there with all the magazines ripped and destroyed all over me

and my bed. I didn’t say a word, I felt like the worst thing just happened to me. Then

all she said was “Is that all it is, I thought house was on fire!” Then she shut the door

and went back to her room.  And to this day I still love woman’s fashion magazines.

Vogue,Elle and Harper’s Bazaar are the best!

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