There are many pages in Freundin – mostly in older issues – where not just lingerie girls are, but totally naked. I share some of this beauty with you.

I was always wondering why these pictures are in a magazine for women. πŸ™‚ I think they are mostly for the husbands/boyfriends of the readers. Unfortunately these trend seems disappearing in current magazines.

Later I upload individual pictures too. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello, I’ve tried that, but even I set to original size somehow after the post it is reduced to this size. I can try to upload into my files here under my name.

        1. It is a German magazine, called Freundin. So you can find it on or any German second hand online markets, I think. The older the better. Nowadays, this magazine is also going down in quality.
          I have some covers posted earlier from this magazines.

          1. In any case, could you be so kind as to upload the pics in your area? If not all of them, at least the third set of images.

  1. I think I know the answer to that question, I have been asking myself the same, the answer is partly because when they portray beauty products publishers do not want any clothes showing in the pictures because it will distract readers and result also in free advertising (there are generic clothes, with no brand in cases like these when it is mandatory that a piece of cloth has to be shown), partly because they need to show what an ideal body should look like, partly because female body always catches attention and it is beautiful per se, and partly because everybody will be interested in looking at a beautiful body, speciall boyfriends and husbands (but also highly hormoned sons)…. so it is a win win.

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