Did any of you used to like these when you were younger.

I remember, not these ones. But home shopping catalogues around the house. I was never into the lingerie pages. But the pages of full dressed women. I remember some catalogues had celebrity pages. Specifically Jane Seymour and heather locklear plus other dynasty chicks.

I remember this one specifically one morning before school flicking through some pages. Not realising how much I’d arouse myself. But then I had to go. All day long I just had the jane Seymour pages in my brain.

But as soon as i got home a d before anyone else did, i managed to have a moment with her. Over the next few months the Cosmos never got their usual time with me.

From then I’d always look forward to autumn when the catalogues arrived.

Sadly I. Cant find on anywhere those old Dynasty or. Seymour pages.

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  1. I know the feeling. It was the same for me back then. Flipp thru a magazine before I got to school and had a picture in my brain all day, Not be able to concentrate for school work. And as soon as I got home I let myself go. For years actually.

    In Sweden we also had cataloges, With Jane and Isabella Rossellini.

  2. I loved these catalogues for a million reasons! The gorgeous models and as you say those celebs that had their own labels at that time, the stunning 80s fashions and for me at least, the lingerie and nightwear. Loved the autumn/winter issues with the party dresses too. Still a big thing to me now xxx

    1. I’m sure I’m correct. But also sometimes I remember the model wearing clothes in some poses. The odd shit would have them holding a magazine, usually folded under arm. Or half sticking out from a handbag.
      In the handbag section itself or if you wanted to buy a magazine rack sometimes magazines would be included in the picture.

      Oh, even in my teens the signs were there.

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