Feb 262017

Any body else on here have other fetishes? A fashion mag itself is a big turn on and fetish of mine but I have a couple more I don’t mind sharing, and when I actually find it in a mag I automatically buy it. Long story short one is  women wearing leather, pants, jacket etc especially gloves,  the other is female boxers/fighters, and yes the gloves have a lot to do with it.  Some examples above. Any questions I will be happy to answer.

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  1. Lingerie is a big fetish of mine, and probably why I love the Victoria’s Secret girls so much, and miss their catalogs so much! Beyond that my other big fetishes are anal masturbation, and eating my own cum! I LOVE cumming on sexy fashion mags and licking it all up!

  2. My girl will dress up as a female boxer and actually spar, it’s real hot fore play for me. Sometimes she goes pretty rough. It’s very hot

  3. Love leather/latex/smoking and TV/CD especially with magazines

  4. I would do anything for that Gwen Stefani ELLE. I think I probably had died of masturbation if I had that ELLE magazine.

    • I have a fetish for nearly anything omg: chastity, latex, bondage, cuckolding, teasing, humiliation, ruined orgasms, femdom, bdsm, lingerie, pantyhose, shoes and feet

  5. i love combining mags with handbags of all things and clutch bags. Though they must be patent or shiny metalic. Great for rubbing a hard cock on. Charity shops are the main source of supply for low priced bags. But stuufing them with magazines popping out oft them is great and coming over an open handbag with 3/4 magazines in them is devine.

  6. My other fetishes : A severe smoking fetish. When I stole my very first magazine from my mother I noticed the glamourous girls where smoking. I then stole cigarettes from my mother at the age of 10-11 and started to masturbate and tried to smoke when I looked in the magazines.
    Magazines and cigarettes for me is a BIG turn on.

    I also have a fetish for girls in sequin dresses. My cock gets rock hard instant when I see a girl in sequin dress.
    IF she smokes at the same time I probably cum without rubbing my cock.

    And last but not least. French manicure!!!!! GOD! A girl with French nails is soooooo F””’G sexy.

  7. I adore wearing lingerie – would do 24/7 if I could. I love shopping for “girl” things too – clothes, shoes, lingerie, make up – anything feminine.

  8. I love to smoke while looking through my magazines. It’s the best

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