I have noticed, that many discovered the fetich for magazines, because of the magazines there was bought and read by mom.


Wich magazines did your mothers read??

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  1. When I discover my magazine fetish in the late 1980:s My mom read Damernas Värld. They where thick and heavy. I Always stole her used issues when she recived a new one. Sometimes she bought ELLE or Svensk Damtidning. In the year 1995 I moved to my first apartment she bought me a one year Amelia subscription. Im so sorry that I didnt saved them. It was the first year of their print.

      1. Yes she did but she did not told me face to face. I understand that she knew about it when I was about 14 or 15 years old. She and her best friend one evening relaxed and had some wine at home. I could hear them talk and suddenly I heard my mom said to her: “I think my son loves womens alot, He takes my magazines and looks at all the womens inside..” That comment made me masturbate..

        So yes I got very happy when she gave me that subscription years later..

        By the way. I will have her friends answer to myself.

          1. That’s exactly that. It was like a ‘forbiden’ world. For women + adult women. Just too bad with time, that feeling has been a bit lost, but I guess its normal.

  2. My mother read Elle and sometimes Vogue. When I moved out she subscribed Elle to me for one year as she got a special “friend subscription” offer. She told that throughout years she has noticed my special interest in her magazines.

      1. Yes in our living room and sometimes in my parents bedroom besides her bed. It was all natural for me to borrow them and read them
        I did not notice that she realized my special interest in them.

          1. Not directly but when she told me about the subscription, she mentioned that it was for me to feel a little bit like more home.

  3. My mother used to read Marie Claire, ELLE & Madame figaro…. Thick & glossy!
    It was a real pleasure to take them, touch & smell them… First cum as well 😉

  4. My mother never really used to buy magazines, but my sister bought one that i can remember, but shes a lot younger than me, so it wasn’t until i was about 16 or 17. I discovered my fetish through other places, like at my friend’s house or at a store where they’d have magazines or whatever. I had to work hard to get my magazines when i was younger.

  5. I had a bunk bed all to myself the bottom usually had the clothes for the day strewn about. What I used to do to my moms Glamour, Marie Claire, women’s day, Sears catalogs …. whew….no wonder I am so extremely in to this fetish.
    If you check out my xhamster you’ll know what I mean.

  6. My mother used to read pretty tame women’s magazines here like Women’s Weekly and New Idea. I’d flick through those from time to time, but they didn’t do anything for me. It was not until a friend loaned my mother COSMOPOLITAN that I found my dream magazine, my dream love of my life! I had my very first orgasm with that magazine and now decades later I have 2500-3000 Cosmo’s!

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