I have returned to where i can share my adventures again. Maybe some of you will remember my YAHOO groups.

looking to fill this forum with material in near future. I will give you my story.


The beginning 


I have had a fetish for women’s fashion magazines since I was a teen. It first started where I was home alone for a weekend when my parents took my sister and 2 younger brothers out to college indoctrination for my sister.

This was the first time I finally got to really explore my sister’s room. I was really very interested in her underwear drawer and actually wore her panties and slips around the house at night. It was when I was in a state of boner-time in her pink chiffon slip and was looking thru her Seventeen magazines that I got the idea to actually “touch” the pictures.

That weekend, when I think about it always makes me hard just thinking about it. I think really- that was the birth of “Overvogue”.


I managed to get everything put away and washed and such except I had to make 2 issues of her Seventeen magazines “disappear” due to them basically being “loaded” up.

I continued to have a great high school time- sports and girlfriends   and really loved to do those girls. One girl’s mom was a consultant for a fashion industry firm and I was over their house a lot as I went steady with this girl for along while. Her mom was divorced and had Vogues and Elle magazines all over her house in the bedrooms and living room.


I remember fucking this girl I will call Joy and looking at the cover of the Vogue on the nightstand of the bed, imagining I was slicing into the models soft mound of pussy that I imagined would be shaved and smooth. I was always on the lookout for these magazines.







I would search flea markets and public washrooms for women’s magazines. Apartment complexes dumpsters were the source of great finds of  Playboy and Penthouse as well as women’s magazines. I had a route I would do on the way to a secret spot in the woods that was very hard to get to and dry because it was like a half cave with a dirt floor. I had a piece of rug in there (like a 8 X 3 foot section) I would take my fashion magazine finds there and have pleasure rubbing and pumping them all afternoon. One time after an extremely great session with 3 Elle magazines I fell asleep and woke up in the dark. Boy was it hard climbing out of there in the dark!.











College Years:



Several years later and probably more than 500 magazine encounters. I was out of  high school and going to college. This college had just gone coed and had a ratio of something like 32:1 women to guys that year I enrolled in it.



I worked part time also at this college in the maintenance department and had a master key for all the classrooms. What I found was that it also opened every other room in the dorms. This college had a mini-semester during the winter break which was about 3 weeks. I was taking a course or two then and with the college basically a ghost town I was one of probably 30 people who still were on campus.



It was during this time I got curious about what the women of the college read in magazines. You can already see where its going here eh, I searched their rooms for magazine treasures. I was grateful to the college gods that they offered fashion design and was usually greeted when I got into these rooms by Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Cosmo, Mademoiselle and others. I carried a bag with me with baby oil and towels. I sometimes would end up staying in some of the rooms all night, leaving early in the morning.




I at first masturbated with the magazines then I began to get so excited I laid on them and pumped over them. The Vogues and their glitzy fashion ads and editorials are still my favorites however I did do them all. More than once in a room where the girl had a bevy of titles and issues I spread them all over the room and laid with them sometimes falling asleep with them.


I began experimenting by actually making love to the magazine, kissing the beautiful facial ads and licking the crotches of the posed models. I would enter the model after moistening her with my tongue. My cock would break through that part of the page and slide into the magazine. I love this part as the semi vacuum of the closed page around my cock felt wonderful. I would sometimes get the underwear, usually panties and a slip and make love as a girly guy to the magazines. I loved the build up and the sensation of the panty and slip against my cock as I browsed through the fashion pages.














I also got seriously into it a couple times. This one room the girl was obviously kinky because I found a strap on in her drawer. Now I knew what it was for and such and was just really hot thinking she was doing this to her roommate of girlfriend. This girl also had many-many fashion magazines. On night I visit her room and am making love to a couple of her Glamour and Cosmo magazines. There was an editorial I think in the Cosmo that had the black leather look with latex. I was really worked up.





Before I knew it the model in the editorial was almost telling me to get submissive and soon I had rigged the strap on harness to a chair and figured out how to attach the dildo. Before I knew it the model (in my fantasy anyway) had me lubed up and as I was fucking the Glamour with my cock buried into a cute lingerie ad model, I was looking at the Cosmo editorial model, licking her shoes and being pushed back by her onto the waiting strap on. Well, I felt it was gay, weird, girly, whatever but I kept going and before I knew it I was being fucked by it. I had such an incredible explosion into the glamour I had to take it with me because it was so full of goo.  I kept going back the that room, I kept going back to her magazine load and figured out how to position everything and affix the magazine that was fucking me to the harness on the chair so by the way of the mirror I could watch the magazine model fuck me.






It was a great three weeks, by the way I didn’t do good in either of my classes I took during that winter semester. It was also around this time I found my key sometimes got me into the offices of professors. One particular English lit prof I couldn’t stand had a dozen or so Cosmos in her filing cabinet. Oh I fucked her Cosmo’s on her desk, on her floor in her chair…even doggy style against her wall. The last time I did her stable of magazines I spent 2 hours one night  fucking all the magazines she had until I had built up a tremendous load of which exploded into a Cosmo with Christy Brinkley on the cover in a gold swimsuit. I left the goo in the magazine and put it back the cabinet. I knew I was not going back so why not.



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  1. Good to have you here.
    I sure remember your Yahoo groups, way back, and always loved your quality stuff.
    Looking forward to your much appreciated contribution on this site.
    Check out my stories and pics – I’m sure you’ll approve 😉 .

  2. I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been a big fan of yours since the yahoo groups as well! This story is so hot! I love fucking my ass with a dildo while I flip through women’s magazines, and I also love being submissive, and licking every drop of my cum off these mags when I’m done!

  3. I’m a new member here . . . Thank you so much for such a detailed story! I’m gonna try ‘n get it together and write up my story. So glad I found this wonderful site!

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