May 312016
My sisters apartment

Hi everyone! I hope you all magazine lovers are all ok. I have to tell you that last week i was babysit my sisters dog when she was on a job interview in a city near by. As time passes I started to be quite bored. I snooped around her apartment for some Glossies or […]

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May 232016
I found a women's newspaper!

Today I’d like to share something quite original with you. I also like newspapers but I never really found the one who can turn me on. I used to have an issue of Vogue Newspaper that was offer with the magazine, but it was very slim and it was just an extra… Nothing really interesting. […]

May 212016
Qualitytime with my magazines.

Home alone and nothing to do? I dont think so! I spend a lot of time with some of my magazines. Masturbating and looking at Damernas Värld and Amelia. Did i have a good time? YES Of course! By the way, Do you have any special thing a woman wears that turns you on? For […]

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May 192016
Take a look

I suppose a lot of members may have found this site too – so for those who haven’t seen it – take a look:

May 192016
The last two Femme Actuelle I bought

Here are the two last issues of Femme Actuelle I bought (number 1649 from 2nd of may and number 1650 from 9th of May 2016). I picked the best pages from those two magazines. Stay tuned, because the issue of this week looks very nice, and I will buy it soon and share it here.

First time?

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May 152016

Hi my fellow magazinelovers. Do you remember the first time you saw a woman buying a magazine and got turned on by it??

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