The really thick and really lovely September fashion issues came out this week. I may have to rent a hotel room just so I can get some real private time with these

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  1. That Elle! I have cranked a bunch out with that issue so far. Its a great issue. The Vogue, I had to get 2 copies of the issue. One for jerking off to the cover and one for beating up and jerking off to every other sexy page.
    I love the elegance of Jennifer Lawrences photoshoots in this issue.

  2. So many good september issues this year! I bought a stack of them last week and didn’t even give them to my wife! they went straight to my magazine stash in my closet (which my wife totally knows about but that’s beside the point!)

  3. I got the september US Vogue the minute it was available at the magazine stores – so fresh and crisp…
    It is somewhat thinner than previous 20 september issues, but it is so slick, and oh so full off perfumed samples. It is by far the most perfumed issue I ever laid my hands (and other body parts ;)) on.
    I’m sniffing and licking it every day, and I can’t have enough of it !

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