So I bought this German ELLE. I mean, look at that cover, how could you not? 😀

Looking inside, the paper is mat, and that is a tendency I been seeing a lot lately. I REALLY dont like it!
I know its cheaper, better for the environment ect. But man, I don’t get me off. What are your toughts?

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  1. Our fetish is coming to a close unfortunately, makes me very sad. Germany only have a couple good glossy magazines now. I’m very disappointed the way the UK has gone.
    Ebay will be the new newsagent xx

  2. Its a dying thing now, magazines in general. I’ve been buying them since the early 80s when they were so totally different to how they are today and there was so much more to them than just a glossy cover and pages. Over 15 years before the Internet as we know it existed and has changed everything. Like shopping and socialising as it was, magazines will become a thing of the past sadly

    1. Do you remember the 80’s and 90’s were allmos evry woman was reading magazines? I remember in my contry it was common to have at least 2 magazines evry week

      1. Yes, completely. And always looked at the “next week” page to see what was coming. That’s the biggest difference now, you don’t have to wait to see whats happened, its updated by the second online.
        Also celeb features involved the magazine going to the celeb and face to face interview, photo shoots, even fashion spreads with them. Now it’s just “papped” covers and features from “a source”. Loss of sales has meant cutting back on quality and quantity
        Cant stop progress and every action has an opposite reaction

        1. You are right sadly. But another thing i did remember, and I call it a sidegift when you have a fetish for magazines. I could walk into a home, and within minuttes, i could tell wich magazines there was read in that home. and i was right 95% Did you develop that gift?

  3. I don’t know, what is the “special Problem” here in Germany. We never got such big Vogue Issues like in the US or other Countrys. A few Years ago, there was a special Vanity Fair Issue with Madonna. German Version…only 3 Pic or 4 Pics. Italian and Canadian Version: many Pics of Madonna. In Boots.

    If the Industry thinks, that german Women are not so much into Fashion? Don’t know.

    1. Oddly enough, i buy a lot of magazines from Germany (I live in the UK) – I particularly enjoy Freundin, Brigitte, Donna, Flair, Petra, Madame and, my particular favourite, Maxi..

      German Elle is very disappointing for paper quality. German Bazaar is horrible. Flair is fantastic quality, but my favourite is Maxi – just because some of the covers are delightful. I’ve got 3 with Nadine Leopold covers, and love them dearly! I have some German Vogue, but it is weird paper, not an easy magazine to open/read.

      Also, German Instyle before 2015 is lovely!

  4. Yes, I have been working with magazines many years in my work. In printing service. And we have been in many meetings about paper. Over the years the cote to make paper glossy have changed. Because of toxics. That is a good thing when it comes to enviroment, but a sad thing when it comes to the fetish.

    For me, I dont care much inside the magazines, I only need the cover to be glossy and a good womans face to cum on.

    And this German ELLE is soooo fucking awesome!!!. I like it alot, I will buy it for sure. She makes me so hard.

      1. Yep, that is a good suggestion to glue covers.
        The real problem is the enviroment issues. The paper being thinner and less glossy, Many publishers are forced to be more “greener” or else they got fees of hundreds of tousands dollars as punishment. They dont want this,they are forced. Its all about weight per magazine and how many issues being printed, The more the harder they got controlled, just because how hard the impact is on the enviroment and the way they wll be disposed/recycled.

        If there was a fetisher among them they never would have impemented this at all. Many times in meeting with publishers I have alway thought of saying: “how about those how jerk of to glossy magazines? they will be devastated!!” 🙂 🙂

  5. Each to their own, but honestly I don’t really mind about the pages being glossy or matte. Coming from newspapers even the worst of the worst magazine pages still miles ahead of whatever paper type the newspaper world had to offer.

    The problem I’m facing is, they’re getting thinner. I mean, the paper (the numbers of pages too, but that’s a different can of worms). The pages tend to be lighter, much easier to rip, and gets destroyed at the slightest exposure of liquid. The older magazines (around early 2010-ish release) seems to be much better in this aspect, the paper is thicker. Nowadays they feel like they just coated tissue papers with some ink and plastic.

  6. Can anyone remember Love it! magazine when it first came out?
    I wasn’t keen at first, as it was a bit trashy but my girlfriend at the time used to read it.. so naturally I’d have the occasional fumble, the cover was exceptionally glossy and so was the pages, even though the pages were a bit too thin I ended up having a lot of fun and got attached to the magazine.
    Now I can’t even set my eyes on that peice of shit excuse of a magazine. The quality is no better than a frigging newspaper!
    Before that I was and still am an avid more! reader (best era being the noughties). When that died, I ventured with NOW and Look magazines, which have since both died!
    My only potential go to ones now are Closer or Grazia in the UK.
    Germany has a mag called Gala which is exceptional quality, just with shit content…

    Now I’ve shared a bit insight into my type of magazines, I’d happily take any recommendations that you sexy people may know of? Xx

    1. Agreed, I still have a few of those old love it mags. Gorgeous glossy covers and some gorgeous girls on them too. More was also a favourite but even their pages turned nasty and just weren’t the same……

  7. This whole shit didn’t start with the paper quality.
    First of all the content became less and less sexy and good.
    Then the size of the magazines started to be thiner and thiner. It starts from 2000-2001.
    If you compare an Elle, Vogue from today with one from the middle of 90-ies, you would cry..

    Then something wrong happened in the heads, especially in Germany. They start to not to put sexy content into the magazines. More solid, more elegant?, no lingerie,
    no tits or pos like before.
    If you just check the Vogue 2009 October issue or the other anniversay issue, 2004 October, they have many pages, but most of them not sexy at all.
    Sometimes just painful to see that crappy pictures they put there. I mean they create 3-500 or more photos during a photo session and that is not true these are the best pictures.
    Some idiots figured out it is very modern and coooooool if the pictures are not sharp and almost you don’t see anything on it. brrrr..

    Then heads changed again, some years ago. It infects all the women magazines in Germany and Austria. The started this political correct thingy in the magazines, put there ugly models, and black models (I think there is only one nowadays who appears in every magazines) everywhere.
    The pictures are crap. Why? Because of she is black? No, because she is not a nice woman at all. Because of the composition of the pictures are shit, because of the effects are overdone, and the full picture is just pain to your eyes.
    Or do you know that black model who has pigment issues on her body? She is also a favorite of some magazines, but doesn’t look like sexy at all. But she is forced on the covers. To accept. I don’t wanna accept, what I want is nice girls on the cover and sexy editorials!
    Can you check mates, from the last 2 years if there is fashion magazine where this is not happened? At least 1 editorial with this shitty model, and ugly pictures. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G.
    I know the aim, to people accept difference people, black people, whatever people more. But this is not the right field to do that. You just kill the magazines. 🙁

    I have huge collection, more than 1500 magazines. It is very hard to decide which I keep, which i sell. [Because I buy second hands magazines regurarly, 20-50 pieces monthly].
    I had a system. I give 1-5 points to the content and also to the cover. Which reached 7, i kept. Later it became 8 because of the lack of my storage space.
    Nowadays it is very hard to keep even a magazine, because if the cover is 5, most of the time the editorial is below 3. Below 3!! When I got some before 2000 it is hard to find magazines under 8 point…

    Paper quality. Someone mentioned it is because of the environment. Maybe. But i think it is because of saving money, but communicated on this fashionable way. When I buy a magazine for 4-8 euro, i don’t wanna touch toilet paper inside!!! This is not the right place again to save the environment.
    Besides this in my local town the current free propaganda newspaper changed from toilet paper to photo paper.. What a shame!

    So all of these magazines are complaining their readers are leaving and the industry is dying. But you do this for yourself! You reduce the content, you reduce the size of the page, change sexy models to ugly women, and you reduce the quality at all. Why people would buy these magazines against Internet?

    But guys, I suggest you to check the Italian magazines, like Flair, Marie Claire, Elle. For 3-5 euro you can have magazines with nice models on 5-700 pages!
    I would upload some really shitty cover.. maybe I do a post for that.

  8. You need “Hola” from Spain. Yes, it’s the Spanish and original version of “Hello” in the UK, but trust me here: The paper quality is delightful – soft, glossy, and feels good. There is also more of a focus on fashion and models than the English version.

    I admit – I absolutely hate magazines like “Love it” and the other thin magazines like Woman, Grazia, Woman’s Own, Bella etc- I find them aimed at a section of population that thinks fashion is whatever Primark stocks this week, and that a gourmet meal is going to Nando’s. Nope, I’m not going to apologise for my snobbery. I’m also not going to denigrate you for your liking. So, find Italian “Donna Moderna”, Spanish “Mia”, French “Femmes Actuelle”, and best of all, Dutch “Viva” and “Flair” – I kid you not, they’re weekly mags but the covers are gorgeous. Try here.:

    On the “French” subject – there are often bulk sales of “Madame Figaro” . Find and by them. The paper quality is delicious.

  9. Sadly its more and more common these things now. I’ve some old issues of Elle US (~2012, an golden era) and the pages are almost plastic, very shiny, awesome smell (still) and so on. Last year I ordered some Elle US mags and just it wasn’t the same….

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