Apr 082019

Would you fuck them? It’s my wife’s collection.

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  6 Responses to “Paznokcie – magazine about nails”

  1. They look very tempting indeed?

  2. Think there is an English language nail magazine. I love porno and long painted nails.
    Also does anyone find either your ladies or a friends glossy magazine always looks more shiny and inviting? You’re just desperate for a shot more than the ones you could just go and buy?
    I always find when on holiday and I see a woman on a sun lounger nearby reading a fashion magazine really hot.
    I usually have my next magazine play fantasising about her doing me.

    • Chris always gets me to read s glossy magazine on the beach so it turns people on. And lay the magazine across my naked breast. Love the feel of the shiny pages on my erect nipples. Lynda xx

  3. I forget to ask what is Best looking cover from Photo. For me is that red one.
    Ps i will post more photos of my magazines

  4. Bottom left is best looking cover for me.

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