IMG_1510Sometimes you spot a nice cover of a magazine that you just need immediately to have to play with. This happened to me some time ago when I saw the cover of  Greek Madame Figaro in a newsstand. The lady at the counter was nice and told that that’s her favorite magazine but there are not many men buying it. I’m pretty sure that she had noticed my excitement and therefore was teasing me. She even put it in a clear bag for all the others to see my purchase! On my way back home I saw some ladies and girls noticing my magazine and that did not help me with my hard-on at all.IMG_1518IMG_1516IMG_1520 IMG_1519

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  1. I do understand and know the feeling when a gorgeous girl is on the cover. I also have to buy it and masturbate to it as soon as I possible can.
    If I saw that cover where I live I sure will do the same as you. That is an awesome cover!!! She begs for your cum. Thanks for showing it!

  2. Looks like a fun mag! I love when the checkout girls know exactly why we’re buying these mags and play along/tease about it! It always gets me extra hard! I also love the feeling of proudly displaying my mag so other shoppers can clearly see what I’m buying, or have purchased! So exhilarating!

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