Apr 192017

Bild_2017_04_19_18_23_30_350 Bild_2017_04_19_18_24_09_870 Bild_2017_04_19_18_24_27_21 Bild_2017_04_19_18_25_00_206 Bild_2017_04_19_18_25_13_379 Bild_2017_04_19_18_25_22_991 Bild_2017_04_19_18_25_53_231

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  6 Responses to “pink”

  1. i honestly love these photos. personally im in to feminisation and crossdressing so the shoes and the bag are really good additions to me and i like the magazines too. the pink shoe and pink bag though honestly turn me on loads it just looks like a very feminine photo.

  2. Yes to pink! Very feminine!

  3. Love those heels!

  4. Love the photos too. Ultimate in girly / CD.

  5. Yip love these pictures, love a patent handbag too AND love a patent high heel too well done. Need to share some of my MagBag pictures. I love gpoing round charity shops to buy a handbag that needs cock stabed and fucked inside and out.

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