Nov 222016


I’m really glad I found this forum, since for a long time, my fetish wasn’t shared by others.

I like to feel the sensation of glossy paper to my skin, imagening the girl/women on the page caressing my body.

But on the other hand, I also feel submissive towards strong (public) women.

In my case, the combination of a magazine and a femdom fetish leads to a simple though very sexual arousing ritual.

I like to put two clothespins besides each nipple (left and right), so 4 in total. After letting them grind for about 5 minutes, I take my favorite royal page and push the clothespins down so I can touch my nipple with the magazine paper. This makes sure that the nipple island is stretched to the sides, creating a sense of pleasure from the nipple and pain from the stretch.


One of my favorite pages I used last year was from “Hello” featuring the Countess of Wessex.

Does anyone have similar rituals to share ? All comments are appreciated.


  4 Responses to “Pleasure and pain”

  1. No many comments so far… I’m sure many of us share the same kind of ritual.

    I never bought Hello yet, but I’d love to. The page you show looks very nice and sure It could easily make me horny.
    So far, I only buy the spanish version Hola, which also talk a lot about royalty.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Another thing I love is to put magazines in the fridge and heat them up afterwards using my body heat. The idea of warming up the Ladies is pleasent and arousing.

  3. That sounds like something would like to try

  4. I use hello and ok magazines to rub on my nipples as I wank. It’s lush.