It is time for me to have a good time with my new magazines. It have been a while since I could settle down and masturbate to my magazines.

First up is my Damernas Värld! I really LOVE her lips, I think she is to be my cumtarget this time.

I also got the November issue of Vogue  U.S edition. Daisy is soo Gorgeous,

Gal Gadot in Stereo. The both Edition of ELLE. The U.S edition contains more ads to cum to.  Gigi Hadid maybelline ads.. I cant get enought of Gal Gadot!

My Sweet FEMINA, I got soo horny when I notice the magazine in the shop.I had to buy it. Im thinking of a subscription of it.

Well, see you guys later, I am off to drain my balls.

DSC_0700 DSC_0701 DSC_0698

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