Home alone and nothing to do? I dont think so! I spend a lot of time with some of my magazines. Masturbating and looking at Damernas Värld and Amelia. Did i have a good time? YES Of course!

By the way, Do you have any special thing a woman wears that turns you on?

For me i go crazy about sequin dresses. i go rock hard!

And Amelia!


This woman really turns me on with her sequin dress..And all in a Amelia!


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  1. Thank your for sharing.
    I admit the last picture is very beautiful.
    And that Amelia issue looks so exciting too.
    For my opinion, I like to see fashion where women wears pencil skirt and heels. That’s one of my fashion’s favourite.

    1. Yes agree me too, I like pics of thight clothes, jeans, pants, and leather pants and dresses too
      Nice pics – i also like facials – make up.

      I have problems uploading – is there a size limit?? It loads but doesn’t save them…

      1. Yes, there is a limit for pictures. I advice to not go over 1 or 1,5mb maximum per pictures.
        Just resize the dimension of the picture will decrease significantly the size. Try to not go over 3000px.

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