As my title says!

How much money do You spend in a year or month on Magazines?

I guess I spend about 400-500 crowns a month. That is about 40-50 dollars a month.

That is serious money for my sexual pleasure 🙂


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  1. 5 USD per month for my subscriptions to Vogue, Cosmo, In Style and Harper’s Bazaar.
    My wife and I also love to shop for foreign fashion magazines once a month and spend about 30-40 USD.

  2. I spend about £60 per month. I get lots of the weeklies and the thicker monthlies and have to get multiple copies of the same mag if it arouses me, and that happens allot

  3. Here in Argentina magazines are expensive, especially the imported issues (they cost around 30 usd). I spend normally 40-50 usd or 100 usd if I buy the imported ones.

  4. Maybe 50 dollar per year since i work with magazines but sometimes i buy like Mayfair, Men Only etc from England. Glossy and imo, classy mens magazines 😉

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