Flicked through the August issue of British Vogue whilst waiting for the train. Then I read the interview on Dua Lipa in my August issue of Elle UK! Was hot but shame there was nearly no one on the platform or the train!

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  1. Very nice I also like being watched when reading my mags in public places especially by women. I also like mags that have been used heavily by woman and I buy used mags from websites – or steel them from places like the docters waiting rooms etc they often have the traces of the woman and are still visible

    1. I love to be seen with my gorgeous glossies but I really love perfect condition magazines especially. Always have to keep one for show condition

    2. Good comment. Its strange I once had a magazine that I seen another woman read on a train. I really wanted THATone like a forbidden fruit. Even though I had my own copy! When i walk around town i love to glance into hairdresser windows to see what magazine they have on show. I’d live to be strapped into a hairdresser chair and be destroyed by 3/4 hairdressers with magazines

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