So there I was casually chatting to a very good friend of mine over the phone and we happened to get onto the subject of fashion!
She used to study it at university and I always sneaked a peek at her magazines when I would pop round for a coffee.
I always wanted to tell her about my magazine obsession but could never find the courage to start the conversation.
Unfortunately she never fulfilled her dream of working in the industry due to starting a family and settling down.
She phoned to let me know that she was moving to Australia in the next few weeks and that we needed to have a catch up before she left.
The following week I called to see Sarah and have that much needed cuppa.
The house was a mass of cardboard boxes and packing crates bound for Australia.
My god I said “how on earth are you managing to pack everything”.
“I’m not” she answered and looked up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes from behind her messy hair that was hanging down so perfectly.
She confessed that she was hoping I would be able to help her out and take everything she couldn’t take with her to the dump as I have a van.
“Sure” I replied (she knew I’d do anything for her as I once confessed to having a crush on her after a boozy night).
We decided to just be friends but that’s another story.
“We may as well load the van now while I’m here” I said, and with that we started moving the mass of stuff that was destined for the dump.
Boxes of nothing really mainly housewares and old textiles, towels and unwanted electrical stuff for recycling.
Then came the last box……..marked ‘uni stuff’.
I picked it up an my god was it heavy.
Laughing, she asked if I could manage but I eventually got it off the floor and into a good position where I could hold it.
“It’s just a load of old magazines from when I was at uni” she sighed.
I could sense the disappointment in her voice as I knew how much she wanted to work in fashion but never quite got there.
“Why are you throwing these out” I spluttered!!!!
“I never thought you would part with these”…….
I could feel my heart racing over the thought of these poor magazines being destroyed.
I longed to tell her my fetish but I couldn’t do it.
“Why don’t you take them?”
“Think of it as a leaving present”
She smiled at me and winked!
It’s as if she knew……
“Why would I want these?” I nervously replied.
“Because I always used to catch you looking at my magazines when we would hang out” she softly said!
“I kept them just in case you ever asked me for them and when you didn’t I was gonna let them go to the dump”
“Good job you called round” she said with the most naturally beautiful smile.
“Oh go on then, thank you” I replied as I placed the box onto the front seat of my van.
I felt so happy but nervous that she knew.
“I’ll be sure to send you some from Oz” she said and with that we said goodbye.
I got home and unpacked the pile of glossy magazines that I had rescued from the most awful ending.
I instantly fell in love with every issue as I imagined her flicking through them while studying at uni.
They will definitely be well cared for (and enjoyed of course 😉)
I’m seeing her again in a couple of weeks before she leaves for a final catch up.
But at least I’ll have her magazines to enjoy and remind me of the beautiful girl who stole my heart all those years ago.

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  1. This is the most beautiful, saucy, sexy, loving history I’ve ever read! You’re such a lucky guy! Have great fun with your magazines:)

  2. To have a young lady that wonderful, you best marry her. Why let her escape to Australia ?

    It is a huge turn on, for me, when a lady is willing to share her magazines with me, without judging why I like reading them.

  3. Amazing story with a happyish ending. Sorry to learn you’re losing your bestie – hopefully you will stay in touch. How great she and you were able to openly acknowledge your love for women’s magazines. I have a few of those UK Cosmo’s – when UK Cosmo was still so awesome.

    1. We’ll definitely be keeping in touch and I’m pretty sure we’ll see each other again.
      Have to agree that those were probably the best issues towards the end. I sadly no longer buy cosmo as its gone really downmarket and cheap in the UK with issues seeming thinner every month.
      Still have my stash of older issues to keep me entertained though.

      1. It’s terrible what’s happened to Cosmo globally. I think the editors are just as to blame with the shrinking readership as is the new “digital” age killing print media. It’s been a downward spiral for Cosmo – we lost our Aussie edition almost five years ago now and wasn’t that a terribly sad day for me! US & UK Cosmo have been awful and the covers on UK Cosmo just shocking at times. The cheap paper used in UK Cosmo really puts me off buying and reading it – it’s like cheap comic book pulp paper. I actually think Cosmo is trying to push its readership to go digital, but that will be the death knell for the magazine. I’m very lucky as I have over 3000+ Cosmo’s from across the world, so I don’t need any more, but I love buying Cosmo so much – that’s what I miss.

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