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Just type in ‘Katy Perry magazine collection’ on EBay!

I live in the U.K.


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  1. Awesome collection. I love maxing out on a particular model or celeb with mags. How come you’re selling, Jessie – out grown her, got a new muse?

    1. I’ve collected magazines for years and now I have no room for them, I now want to focus on just Taylor Swift magazines and magazines I like the covers of, including ones me and my girlfriend buy together like Cosmo 🙂
      Sad to see some magazines go but I’m over Katy Perry now haha! My favourites that I’m sad to see go are the US Cosmo and Vanity Fair


  2. I will be watching this auction closely, I would love to get my hands (and other things) on katys magazines lol.
    Would have some real fun with those, gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I always wonder if the people I’m buying magazines from on ebay have masturbated to them. It’s really hot to see a collection end up on there that was also posted by another magazine fetish perv on here!

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