I thought it would be fun to share everyone’s first magazines. If you remember the issue(s) and can find pics, please post them.

These are my firsts. I was 14 and I was in love!

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  1. That was a great idea! I also love to know every ones first contact with magazines.

    My first was the September issue of Damernas Värld 1989. It was in my Moms belongings. I remember how hard my penis growed when I got my hands on it. When I had finished masturbated and got my orgasm something happened in my brain. Ever since then I prefer fashion magazines. It is my porn magazines.


    The first Magazine that I bought was the October issue of Damernas Värld 1992. I was Celebrating my birthday and wanted to give my self a special birthday present. With my erected penis inside my pants I went to a local magazinestore and picked a issue of Damernas Värld. I got home and locked my self in and started to masturbate to the sweet mature girl on the cover. She got a huge load with semen by the way


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