Jul 162020

Velcome in your really home my pretty joy magazine.. :)) this is the perfect place for you.. :))

  9 Responses to “Shut up my love! And good night!”

  1. Oh yes does it feel nice and glossy down there?

  2. I also do this a lot and even wear magazines under my cloths to go out and like to go to public places and cafes – resto like this using a little strech band they are invisible

    • Me too, glad I’m not the only one!!

      • Could you explain me how you do it exactly? Do you use tape or waist belts? I found in AS Adventure a couple of weeks ago some fantastic elastical waist bands that you can ajust the size and the strenght you like and they are so thin it is invisible to see and perfect to fasten the mags to your body

  3. I love getting glossies down my pants, spreading loads out and humping them till I cum hard

    • Yes sure I also use sometimes high quality masking tape to intesify the contact and to fuck them better when yo are lying down

    • My very first wank as a boy was doing just that. I didn’t realise what I was doing, I just knew I liked the feel of a beautiful woman’s picture in a magazine down my pj trousers in bed at night. Then one morning I was wet down below. That was the first time and I’ve never looked back. It took me a long time after to use my hand and I never enjoy that method as much as a magazine fuck.

  4. You all know what I would do, I love to overvogue them in the touch and throttle category. Had a Vogue tonight; heavenly

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