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  1. Yeah! I also got my Danish ELLE with Emili Sindelev this week, And your first pic with the freckles girl, is what i Just I masturbated to. She gave me a great orgasm. I was looking for the issue of Costume, but it was sold out in my local store I really wanted it. As for Eurowoman I leave it in the shelf, it was not attractive this month.

  2. I get them from my local store, I think there are some danish people living in my neighborhood, because it is the only place I have ever seen have Danish magazines, They have ALT for Damerne,Costume,Eurowoman,Danish ELLE and IN.
    The COSTUME look soooo nice, it truly shines its glossyness, I can nearly smell it over here..:-)
    By the way Mr.Glossy, can you take some more photos of COSTUME cover and on smoe ads or girls inside., You can PM me or post in the tread. Anyway I would be happy if you could.

    1. Its so nice. Maybe us in EU, should figure out a way to send each other magezines. Right now I pay like 35$ pr magazine getting ones from England or Norway, Sweden ect.

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