Hi all magazine lovers!

I see all of you guys here loving your magazines.

But do you have any other fetish besides magazinefetish?

For me I have a few. I also have a strong fetish about make-up,  I love watching girls do her make-up and turns out gorgeous.

I see my sexual connection to fashion magazines and the make-up thing, so it is not hard for me to understand why acutally.

Seeing pictures of gorgeous make-up girls makes my penis rock hard, no matter where or when when I see them. When I pass or enter a women fashion shop or beauty shops I have serious problems to handle in my brain when I face this. I WANT THEM. I simply want to get home and masturbate to the pictures I see in the stores. Luckily the internet is full of make-up videos so I masturbate almost every day to a make-up vlog. I have many many favorite youtube make-up vlogs. Some vlogs I visit every day is Okaylaaas and Liz Meghans youtube channels.

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I also have some Professional Make-up girls I masturbate alot to. Especially Barbara Palvins(Miss Manga Loreal), Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneweld. They are faces for Loreal, H&Ms and models for fasion magazines. Their looks just blows me away.  I often copy the ads in magazines and get them resized to a larger size so i can masturbate to them without destroying the magazines.

barbara-palvin-makeup barbara-palvin-8718-1680x1050 julienlutt-4776 alexandre-vauthier-model-lindsey-wixson-showed-off-dark lindsey-wixson-backstage-at-stella-mccartney-spring-2013-pfw daphne-groeneveld-6 daphne-groeneveld

But thats not the end of it. I also got a HUGE fetish for gourgeos girls who smokes long cigarettes. That is also connected to fashion magazines when I grew up. I almost every magazine in the eighties women smoked. I saw this behavior to be a womens thing to do. Have you ever seen that commercial “youve come a long way, baby” or Mistys “Slim ‘n sassy”? That just made my fetish to smoking womens. 29907_original slim-sassy_1

Conclusion:  For me it is all about women. I love the things a gorgeous women do.  Her glossy nails,Her gourgeous hair,feet or mouth. All I can do is to masturbate to them…..alot. Those lovely sweeties and womens deserve that men msturbates to them.

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  1. I have a fetish for women crossing her legs. Its also combined with my magazine fetish, I love this female pose especially when the women has a magazine on her legs …I also love being dominated by women, not so strong but I love when a women is getting rude and slapping my dick..slapping me with a magazine would be awesome…facesitting also turns me on

  2. As well as having a huge obsession for COSMOPOLITAN magazine, I’m also a crossdresser – mainly lingerie only. Silk slips I so adore and I try to wear them all the time. There is nothing better than wearing silk and reading Cosmo I think!

  3. I’m like you I crave for those double page beauty spreads with gorgeous models they excite me so much I like to cuddle in close to the gorgeous sweet scented glossy spreads absorbing the wonderful aroma coming from the magazines.

  4. In addition to my fashion mag fetish, I have a big fetish for femdom. I would love to be fucked in the ass by my wife wearing a strapon! Daniel’s scenario above where he describes being slapped with a magazine is making me insanely hard right now too! I would absolutely love that.

    Also, I have a huge cum fetish. I absolutely love swallowing cum. Every time I masturbate, I cum on the cover of a women’s mag like Cosmo, Vogue, Elle, or Glamour, and I lick it all up and swallow every drop! I also like to go down on my wife after I cum inside her, and lick my cum out of her. I’m working up the courage to pull out just before I cum, and cum on her belly, or on her boobs and then lick it all off!

  5. I like to combine my fetish with shiny sexy handbags abd clutch bags. i fantasise about georgeous woman rubbing my cock with patent clutchbags and then making me spray into a womans oversized black patent hanbag stuffed with magazines.

    1. Well, that sort of stuff do I really like to do. I cant count the times I have sprayed my cum inside womens handbags. Starting with my moms and her friends when they had a clothes party at our house. Plenty of time to sneak around for a hangbag left in the hall. Nowadays i shoot whenever i can. The feeling is sensational when i open it up and smell the odor inside of a womens handbag before i get my cock out. The erection is instant when i smell the odor. I need about a minute or two to cum inside.

  6. As well as magazines I enjoy plastic bag breath play, my wife uses Jane Norman plastic bags, Ann summers, new look etc
    I also enjoy makeup but I like the smell of the old used makeup wipes and pads, sometimes after a night out she will place her used wipes in a carrier bag and seal it over my head so I can cum with little to no air and the smell of makeup surrounding me, I’ve also fantasised about her filling the bag with cigarette smoke but she doesn’t smoke unless drunk and as such we haven’t had the opportunity to try it

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