IMG_1779This kick I want to share because it is so hot and it made me really come like crazy…

for those who like the touch and feeling of mags against their body this is the ultimate way to come:

First buy some hair gel – super strong preferably

Get your favourite magazine – for me the bigger the better, and not too thick, like Hello, or Hola , see my  pics

Rub your body in with the hair gel:  scrotch, belly balls, tits,

Let it dry for a minute or two

Put the magazine against your body

You can put your underwear over it and or finish off with a tape or belt over it, I receomend the transparant tape of 4 cm used for packaging / boxes

Use a pillow to lie on it so you can fuck you mag, don’t rub your penis  with the gel, because you need the friction and if it goes wel you can penetrate the top pages. Eventually you can ripp off two pages from a mag an fold it over you penis before putting the mag wich you will penetrate during the fucking lying on the pillow -it takes time but is as good as real pussy -ass. If your too wet it will not work and better change the mag without the gel. Also another trick is putting your mags like 30 -50 secs in the micro wave before putting them against you body. I personally like the use of tape to thighten the mags against my body, and to go out to buy more mags.;;;I hope you enjoy my instructions.. let me know pls

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  1. I think so yes, but you may prefer to use a condom and put it over the mag before putting in to
    Your ass I tried it too and it is better to roll it up and putting a condom so it is nicer to put in your ass

  2. Open the HELLO magazines to the middle and stand them up on your lap and against your nipples. The friction is amazing while wanking. Also, dab your fingers with your precum to put on your nipples to make the magazine rub more.

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