Aug 032019


So I saw the post with everyone talking about the european issues that were super hot. Elle Poland, Red, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Vogue Poland.

Well I ordered some through nvm’s recommendation to get through empik. Got the sexy issues that everyone was speaking about. Patiently waited. Got some issues locally in my market and had my fun with them.

Get the message that I have a package ready for pickup. And finally my issues got here. My god did I ever have fun.

Elle Poland issue is so sexy. I love how free polish issues show tits. The print quality is actually very good. Red, I am torn on. Super sexy spread of Stacey Dooley, but print is close to like a weekly print. Same with Grazia

Few days pass and I get another alert from CanadaPost. I have another package. Ok. Figure maybe empik is sending me mail spam. Their loss. Sending from Poland to Canada.


Nope. 4 more issues. Grazia. Elle Poland Mini…again. Another Vogue Poland. Newest Harpers Bazaar.


Needless to say. My loins have had a workout.

  10 Responses to “Summer has been good”

  1. I’m very jealous

  2. Some great magazines in your stash. I hope you fuck them well and give them all the cum they deserve!

  3. I love Grazia Italy, more beautiful every week!

  4. Even a woman would be jealous of so many magazines!! Personally I would love to see more photos of Miley’s Elle issue!

  5. I got the issue of bazar USA with Jen Anniston on, I’m nearly blind now! So hot can’t stop cumming!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Love the Dakota Fanning Shape, the Edita V Vogue, the Reese W InStyle, the Ari Vogue, and that Eva Herzigova Grazia is super hot! Who is the blonde model on the Elle issue on the left with the white cover and pink font?

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