Sep 142020

Not much to say other than what you see. I spent a lot of time this weekend making time for some ‘Me Time’

  11 Responses to “Sunsets and Fashion mags”

  1. Love the sexy boots!

  2. Looking super hot. If that magazine on the grass was just half resting on the inside of a metallic gold or silver tote handbag that would have been devine. Oxo.

  3. I have that gorgeous glossy 840 page Vogue it feels so gorgeous on my lap as I lok through all beautiful aroma pages?

  4. Lovely, lazy late summer feeling in your picture. Lovely lady with nice glossies having a good time. Very nice

  5. Love taking a gorgeous fem mag with me whenever I’m out and about x

  6. Good god you always know how to turn me on. Have to order a custom movie soon <3

  7. Love to watch you reading those magazines while I jerk off and cum on you

  8. mmmm, love your pics. so hot and sexy! Thanks for sharing!

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