Jun 132022

I like to share with you theese hot pics; when my girlfriend is not around I love to look at her magazine and cum again and again!
It would be even more exciting if she accepted to jerk me off over her magazine….

Mar 092020

Some of you asked where you can find my magazine fetish clips.

Here they are:


A glimpse of them below 😀

Glossy magazines masturbation 021 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 13 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 47 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 59 Eva masturbating to Elle magazine 34 2014-08-16_10-32-27-1682595

Jun 152017

Hello friends! how are you? Thank you very much for welcoming me in this beautiful community! My name is Gimena, I’m a model and I’m in love with fashion magazines, My favorite is Cosmopolitan, I love masturbating with them and from time to time I take pictures of my friends reading it, and I also pose as model! I uploaded some photos here: destyy.com/qKJZZb

Thanks!! I love you guys! I fell free to tell everything