Do you ever like talking to your magazines when you have sex with them? I feel that the magazines have a personality, and I want to communicate very deeply and genuinely how much I love and appreciate them. “Oh my god Chanel, oh my god Chanel, oh my god Chanel from the magazine Elle!” This is one of the things I do communicated when I kissed so passionately the cover of Elle.

I have also screamed at the top of my lungs while orgasming “oh my god Vogue!!!” Repeatedly. I think my neighbors heard this. Oh my God I love you so much vogue.

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  1. I have at times. Like if a cover girl looks quite bitchy. My chat will be submissive to her. Like her demanding what I do in a joi way.

    Or sometimes I talk to the model inside if they are advertising shows boots and handbags. We will chat about where I’ve to spread my climax.

    1. Oh! That sounds so sexy. These magazines deserve all of this love that we give. They are just so damn sexy and the girls inside are the girls for me.

  2. I love telling the girls in the magazines what dirty little whores they are as I spray my cum all over their glossy faces / pages.

  3. Well,Personally I scream out the name of the girl that I masturbate to. If it is Karlie Kloss or Barbara palvin etc..etc. Tell them nasty stuff when I cum.

    1. That’s so hot! I have to admit I have kind of fallen in love with Vogue. They usually have Chanel ads on the back. And I love them for that so much.

  4. COSMOPOLITAN really turns me on, so often when I’m masturbating I’ll say COSMOPOLITAN as the word itself drives me wild. When I walk around wearing my Cosmo dresses and carrying Cosmo’s say in a park or down the beach, I’ll chant COSMOPOLITAN whilst looking at the Cosmo’s I’m carrying. If I’m alone, whilst I’m walking outdoors I will masturbate. When I’m hard, I pull my lace undies down under my balls and the head of my erect penis rubs against the fabric of my satin Cosmo dress which makes me go off the edge and orgasm. I do have to be careful as I don’t want people seeing me walking with a erection. My Cosmo dresses draw enough attention as it is! 🙂

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