Do you remember when you first time came clean towards your partner, and told her about your fetish for her magazines??

I remember clearly that day i did it, but what surprised me the most, was her reaction. She just said “really?” and from the day on we lived out mant of my fantasies, to her and my enjoyment 🙂

What is your wxperience with your first time conffesing?



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  1. I found my then girlfriend was quite positive after the initial shock of why do you buy WOMEN’s magazines are you are a heterosexual man.

    So I told her that I had to learn cunninglingus somehow. (Back then UK Cosmopolitan was full of sexy articles.)

    That prompted her to buy me four years subscription to Cosmopolitan !


    F***ing funny !!!!!

  2. A few years ago I had a wonderful lover, with great open mind and sexual curiosity. I felt so intimate and comfortable with her, so I told her… She really liked my fashion magazine fetish (she thought it was cute and original) and always asked me to bring magazines I love, so we could play with them together during our sex sessions. She carefully learned my moves and habits with the magazines, and then she would participate in by placing them on my body, rubbing them and shoving them to my face, chest, cock, etc. She really liked watching me playing with the magazines and how exciting it was for me. Very quickly she also fell in love with my glossies and started flipping through them or simply embrace them on her boobs while having sex with me. When she would find a picture of a beautiful model she liked, she would kiss and lick her, rub her cheek on the cover or on the page and tell me what this model does with us in a hot threesome…

  3. I like newspapers as well . I brought my wife for her birthday and xmas , woman and home , good housekeeping mags every month …. feeling them and smelling them and the papers send me crazy .. she was like, it could be worse, at least its eco friendly …

  4. My first time confessing was a bit awkward as I’d kept my magazine fetish secret for years from my wife. I had been reading some of my Cosmo’s outside on the deck and accidently left one on the table. She of course found it and I discovered this Cosmo of mine in the laundry – Uh Oh! So later early the next morning I grabbed my Cosmo from the laundry and took it into our bedroom and when she woke she saw I had it and I confessed all. She asked if I was gay – no I said. She asked if I want to be a woman – no I said (lied!). She asked if I cross dressed – partially I said and she made me tell her what I wore and when. She was OK with the Cosmo collection, but not with the cross dressing. Well, she’s OK so long as she does not see me do it. She’s caught me a few times at home dressing up and gotten cross.
    My dream is to slowly get her used to the cross dressing – that’s the major challenge. She is totally OK with the Cosmo’s and I have a lot of them in our bedroom now which she sometimes reads or I read the naughty stories. She knows only too well how much Cosmo turns me on and sometimes she will stroke my penis when I’m reading Cosmo in bed. She’s even sucked my penis whilst I’ve read Cosmo and that’s a dream come true! I just need her to be OK with my Cosmo cross dressing as I’d love to wear lingerie in bed.

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