The cable incident

I worked for a cable contractor in the late 80’s for a couple of years. The jobs were new construction businesses for the most part. On the residence jobs I eventually got to the level of the quality assurance technician who would come to inspect once the job was done.

There was this new development where we had the cable contract for the Televisions and computer jackings. I had done an early survey of the homes and found that the people were already moving in there. To cut to the chase we had a problem when one installer quit in the middle of a job on one of the large model homes in the development.

I went over one afternoon to see how much more was need to complete the job and found to my disgust it was all wired wrong, later this led to inspecting the homes this guy did earlier in the month as he was pretty new and it was found the only one that was right was his first on of which he had a senior installer with him.

Anyway, I go over one afternoon to this home as I had to do the job myself, we were short and couldn’t spare the manpower to undo and re-do this job. The home owner was a 44 year old widow (so she said) who was an executive at a large clothing designer. She was like those women who are pictured at parties and what they are wearing features in Vogue Magazine. She had this well to do air about her, I was the pion and she the home owner and don’t fuck up.

I had a good communication with her, I was given the key as she wanted this done ASAP. I could understand that. I un-did all that needed to be and began to crawl in cubbies and on the roof. I need to get in all the bed rooms and found that in hers there was a wealth of fashion publications, even stuff that you cant regularly get here in the states like the Mags Official, Madaam and Cleo from Australia.

I , being the mag-fucker I am would go over extra early in the afternoon just to slide fuck on her bed the covers of these beautiful magazines. God I must have been crazy. Screwing these VOGUES, ELLES and Officials in a strangers bed. I would lube my cock with her hand lotions and oils and get naked and do the rubs. I opened the mags found the right pic I was looking for placed my hard dick in over the pic closed the mag and looked at the cover while I fucked it.

I would be able to go through the whole routine in an hour. The job was taking two weeks due to the time constraints I would be able to get over there so I figured I get at least ten sessions in, I even did it 3X in one day.

On or about the last day I was to be there. I walked into the home and found a note addressed to “Contractor” OOOK. Well what I read in there floored me! I have reproduced it here:
My dear contractor,

Thank you for taking care of your company’s deficiency in getting this system installed. I appreciate it greatly. In your actions on this job, while you were crawling around with wires, cables and tools did you ever noticed the wires that were already in place???? These wires are to my home security system, WHICH HAS BEEN ON THE ENTIRE TIME YOU’VE BEEN HERE.

Now, getting to the deal here without saying what I have seen. This is your deal. YOU- have to come to (an address was given) this Friday night at 7pm. You will be meeting 3 gentlemen who will take you to their vehicle and blindfold you. You will be dropped off go to the yellow building and go into the red door at the rear of the building. All I will say is that I will want a performance of such from you. Yes, you are clever a little bit; I want you to do your thing for me and some guests. Now, if you do not, not only will you not get paid but you will probably be fired and maybe have subsequent charges brought against you for violating my home as I now have the security tape in the deposit box at the bank..

Ok then, ASSUMING you are a thinker, you be at the place referenced above on Friday night at 7. You will wear a suit and go to the door of the building described, the key to that door is the key in this envelope. Be prompt, your not there on time the deal is off!

Good Luck

I was petrified. How much did she see, surely, there was not a camera in the bedroom was there? I went and looked and it was so. I threw caution to the wind. I am fucked I thought. What did it say, they want me to masturbate to fashion magazines in front of THEM, who is them I wondered. HHOOOOLY FUCK.

Well I did the panel inspection, tied all the zones in and closed up the job, in the next two nights. By Thursday I was on another job, still up to my tricks, only the lady of the house only had mademoiselle’s laying around, I fucked two of those on successive days if I remember.

Friday at 4pm I am at a local pizza joint when I remember about the note. I almost said fuck it, however I was getting kind of weird vibes, like I needed to go do this. Surely I figured the woman was serious and she would do all she could to get me, if I did not take her deal.

So the place to meet these guys was about 45 min from where I lived . I went, it was the huge parking lot of a flea market. These guys were like, let’s go, methodical but not alarming then I was blindfolded.. They wouldn’t tell me a thing. Once we got to where we were going, it was rural and seemed like a small town. I didn’t recognize it. The yellow building was clean and even semi-modern, I was off the main thoroughfare too so it did not get busy on the roads.

Ok, 6:51 the key went in the door and it opened. The room is dark and I search for the light switch on the wall. When the lights are on I see the place must have been a showing theater of sorts.

There was a stage and seating for like 50. Geez, I thought, what am I to do. Just then the woman comes down the hall with two younger giggling women. The woman who ?I will call Paullina said that I had to go to “make-up” and that the other two women Jen and Kristine would “do me up”.

I asked Paullina, why was she doing this. She looked back over her shoulder and said “to teach you a lesson……oh.. and to be amused”. That burnt me a little, but she held the ace’s in this game. I go to the makeup room Kristine said I would have to be shaved, all your body hair, I protested at which Jen drew a hardliner and said “Look asshole, we have yet to see you show and still don’t know what you’re here for but Paullina told us at the first hint of refusing to do anything we say, that your so called deal with her is over, whatever that means to you” Kristine sighed and said again, OK we need to shave you.

I submitted to a full body shave, they shaved my head too; armpits, pubs, asshole. Everything. Then Jen rubbed this oil in my skin to make it soft and glossy. My cock this whole time was hard most of the time. Once Kristine held it and looked at Jen saying “should we do him” Jen just said, he needs it cut off”

Jen was the real bitch in this, she told Kristine what to do and when to do it and was on her if Kristine was not strong enough with me. Next the women dressed me in panties a bra and camisole, garters and stockings and a pretty slip. I was feeling like it was all a bad dream. Each time they did something to me, they took pictures, more evidence.

Kristine went to get Paullina and Jen fitted me with a pretty wig. The wig was a blue haired one. I said I looked like a slut. Jen smiled for the first time and said “a slut who fucks her magazines” I asked what that meant, she said in time you will find out.

Paullina walked into the makeup room and said OH what a pretty sissy we have here. Do you want to go on the town sissy man, or, girls what should we call him, I KNOW VOGUE-LADY, yes. He wants to have sex with my magazines.

Paullina walked me out on the stage and there were 20 or 30 men dressed in suits, some women who looked like models and some older women who just looked rich. Some of the men had cameras and tripods for the show..the show, what show. Paullina said shut up and look pretty as she guided me around the stage mingling with everyone.

One woman, a model came up to me and held out a copy of COSMO magazine and said “well”. I looked dumbfounded at which Paullina took my arm and guided me and the model over to a large flat transparent area where there were seats underneath. There were also mirrors all around, quite dumbfounding. Paullina asked the model to “dance” with the sissy and the model laughed and started doing caressing of my dress and fake breasts in my bra. The scene became a motion of people bringing magazines up to me and asking for the service I will provide them.

A man who I didn’t see then came up and caressed me from behind and swayed with the model and as I was rocking the model got on her knees and the man opened the front of my dress and the model then showed everyone my pretty garter and slip. My cock was straining to get out as she began to rub the Cosmo against my slip and legs the man now made me lay down as more men and women closed in and began caressing me /. The model soon had the magazine in my face as I began to lick her image (she was the cover girl)

The model was getting hot as she opened up some guys pants and started sucking him while others including a woman about 60 began to disrobe the sissy and place oily wet magazines on him, I was wondering where all this was going to go. I looked over and saw Paullina sucking on a mans cock that was at least 10 years younger than her.

This brown skinned woman came over and made me sit up while caressing my face with oily copies of Vogue and Official she told me to unzip her skirt when it fell I saw a bulge in her panties, she was a transsexual and did not take no for an answer as I began to suck her while the man behind me opened an oily mag on my back as I had been made to stand and crouch over. I felt his cock touching my ass and began to revolt as the transsexual began to slap me about a little getting me to stay in the game.

I was being fucked by who knows who and the trans is getting my mouth when Paullina comes over and takes me off of them and lays me out on a glass table in front of the seats. People are getting in the seats but they are still fucking and sucking and what ever. Paullina takes a vogue from 1970 and places it on my cock and begins to grind it against it. She straddles my face and sits on it. I begin to eat her pussy as she and others rake more magazines over my cock.

I exploded in a rupture of a cannon. Men, the models and Paullina herself wanted to get cum on them and their magazines. It was a weird scene.

I was told to go to the makeup room to get ready for scene two, what scene two. She told me all this was being filmed. Kirsten was there waiting. Told me to shower and just leave the wig on. There I was standing there naked with a blue wig on. Humiliated yes, Jen laughed her ass off at me and said to Kristine, lets get him ready. With that they gave me a copy of ELLE magazine and told me to get the fuck out on stage and all they wanted to see now is the solo act.

I walk out and the lights go down and I hear Paullina’s voice, act like we aren’t here, there’s a laugh or two . I am limp as I get oiled from head to toe by Jen, she steps aside and then I begin to look at the cover of the ELLE. A beauty on the cover, Elaine Irwin I think. I gently lick the cover a little as I feel my cock start to grow. I lower the magazine so the cover model is now gently laying against my balls I arch back in the leather couch on stage and spread my legs so the people can see everything.

I slide into the magazine as I open it , I find a suitable editorial model in the rear of the magazine and lay my rod over her. I then close the magazine and begin to go through every page each time stopping by to “magazine-fuck) each advertisement model. I love the facial ads as my cock becomes more and more evident as I get deeper into the magazine. The people all sound restless as Paullina gets up and invites everyone to come around me to watch closer.

A woman with a mink stole on comes over and looks a bit and kneels down in front of me about 10 feet in front. She looks at the glistening magazine and then begins to get closer and then slowly begins to pump the magazine on my cock for me. She arches the magazine against me and then pulls it away. She looks intent on sliding the magazine this way and that but each time I want to blow it off she backs me up. The others are cheering and applauding and I am in a completely weird dream as I stopped believing this was actually happening.

The fur covered woman stood back and watched now as others took their turns. One woman, about 45, opened her clutch and pulled out a cover of a vogue that had Lauren Hutton on it. I had never wanted her image under my cock but now the woman was oiling it up and winding it into a tight roll. With that done she looked at Jen and then Kristine and they helped me off the chair ,Jen still held that Elle magazine on my cock. . This woman with the rolled up cover then took off her clothes and laid down. I was told to straddle her and lay the magazine on her breasts and as I looked to her feet I feel the oily magazine against her breasts and then I also feel hands spreading my ass cheeks apart .

The woman now begins to slowly work that vogue cover into my asshole. I wanted to revolt however I just couldn’t get my self to do it. I was like helpless in a wad of oily Elle magazine and her body slowly thrusting up to my cock. Eventually she was fucking my asshole with the vogue magazine cover and my cock was still as hard as a rock.

Now I see that Jen girl come out with a fucking 8inch dildo harness as she smiles and says, now here’s your fashion fuck little Cosmo boy. She positioned herself behind me and over the other woman’s face. The other woman who up till now was thrusting that vogue cover in my lubed asshole, spread enough of the vogue cover apart so Jen could work the lubed dildo into the cover itself like a sheath and then push the entire shaft into my ass. I was being fucked by a dildo vogue covered shaft. Paullina walked up to my face over the woman’s pussy that was now getting attention from many people, Paullina just grabbed my chin and raised it up a little opened her blazer to reveal that she had , inside her panties a cosmopolitan magazine whose covered featured a model named Lisa vale, she ordered me to lick it and get the magazine wet ,so wet that I would begging to get the cover so wet it was beginning to sag. Paullina wanted me to eat the magazine, I said I couldn’t she said try, I began to lick and suck the Lisa vale cover all the while Jen was fucking my ass and the other woman between moans was sucking my balls.

Paullina pushed herself at me as I began to rip the cover in shreds into my mouth. You are now eating my magazines o what to do with you. I was told to open my mouth as people began stripping Paullina and at the same time Kristine was going through the magazine tearing out all the hot pictures and stuffing the pages in my mouth.

I couldn’t stand it as Jen was pumping and slapping my ass with an issue of harpers bazaar and it began to actually hurt. The smell was a mix of asshole lube, magazine perfumes, high society perfumes, musk, sweat and sex. Jen pulled out of me and the woman under me got out of there as Jen began slapping my ass harder as she pulled the smashed up cover out of my ass and Paullina now was pushing my cock in that Elle for all she was worth. I came over all that magazine , the bazaar Jen was slapping me with, Paullina’s face, other people held out covers and I brandished them with my flying cum. Kristine squeezed my shaft up and down and actually prolonged my shots for the most potential.

I was so tired as people began cheering Paullina and began to walk out of the building. I was told by Jen to not say a word as a blindfold was put on my head and I was lead, naked, out into a hallway. I wasn’t handcuffed or tied but I figured id better be good as I didn’t want to end up somewhere without a stitch to my name. I was lead to a sauna in another part of the building where there was a hot tub and a shower and stuff. Jen told me I would have an hour to use the facilities and that she had a good time tonight, she said, you were a good one. (did they do this crazy shit often?, I thought)

Well I used the facilities, my clothes were returned to me, they smelled like they were laundered. I was given a kiss on the cheek by Paullina right before I was led to an office where this woman that had the fur stole on sat. Apparently she was like some boss or something as she told Paullina to leave and was alone with me. She said I was not to be used by them any longer. I had “dropped into” Paullina lap by chance and by the fact I was hot for her mags. She told me that there are sensitive issues here now to discuss.

I was shown the tape of the entire event, damning to me of course. She told me it was now in the hands of 4 sworn and trusted confidants. IF I ever told anyone about this, they would find out. The tape would be released along with my name and personal info from all four sources. SO she said, although we do not grant return appearances, yours was memorable and I will masturbate to the tape I am sure for years. However I would now like to show you the door and also show you a box of great European fashion magazines you said you liked. You can’t get them anywhere here often. There are 40 mags in there. I think that will benefit you and your fetish, correct. I nodded and with that she stood up, tweaked my nipple and left. Four men then came in, took the box and re blindfolded me. Then I was give a bottle of water and the next thing I remember im back at the flea market parking lot in my own truck. The box of mags beside me. Nothing from these people ever happened again, that house that started it all (Paulina) was sold and I never saw her again either. I DID keep the agreement.
I got home and began to fuck the mags the woman gave me.

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  1. Wow you must have been sent into gorgeous glossy women’s fashion magazine heaven, what does Harpers Bazaar magazine feel like inside your anus hole?

  2. Wonderful fantasy! Came twice as a result second time lying on my magazine covered bed with Aneros in my ass. Please keep on adding. I’m sure that I’m not the one here asking.

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