Ok guys. With the world on Lockdown. If you were told you could only spend the rest of your life with one Woman Magazine Cover Goddess who would you pick?

I would pick Natalie Portman.

Reason back in 2013 I bought this Elle . Also I started to notice sometimes Natalie would be either on the back or inside doing perfume or Make up ads. The lipstick ones in particular gets me instantly hot and hard.

When buying a magazine since then I would always check the back. Looking out for Natalie would be by top priority when deciding on what to buy. Not the front cover or the thickness. Just Natalie.

Therefore she is my one true Magazine cover girl soulmate.

Which is yours If you HAD to pick?

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    1. Oh, never had her. But she is a sweetheart. She looks very gentle for being lockdown with. I think she would happily bake and give cock massages all day

  1. Oh thats a hard one, but it would either have to be Grace Elizabeth or Vittoria Ceretti. Barbara Palvin coming in at second place, but certainly Grace Elizabeth and Vittoria. Grace is even my profile picture.

  2. Yes. Just looked her up. A bit before my time. But her Cosmo covers make me think it’s the type of image as a boy if I’d seen these mags around d the house I would h e dreamt of her.

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