On this site, there are many different people, with different lusts, but we all unite in the love for womens magazines 🙂

But as many different people there are here as many interesting aliases are there in form of our names/aliases here.

I wonder what is the story? I am happy to begin.

BXV is shot for “Benedict XV” Pope Benedict XV was pope from 1914-1922, he was pope during the first world war, and became a champion of peace. and my biggest idol!

What about the rest of you? anyone who dares 🙂

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  1. Mine is equally easy, the magazine that started my interest/fetish/ fixation with magazines. Jackie, the teen girls magazine that ran in the uk until the early 1990s

  2. Mine is pretty obvious too, even though my first magazine wasn’t a Vogue (bridal magazines first)…

    I tried bridal magazines first (loved how feminine, glamorous, chunky, shiny, etc they were). Then Cosmo began to attract my attention with their motto “fun, fearless, female”. Harper’s Baazar came out later in my country and I had to buy the issue with Penelope Cruz. Others followed but I had never bought a Vogue yet (despite its fame and the fact that my sister had a few, wich I had been able to flip through just quickly).

    The day finally came and I bought several… I remember a Vogue Latin America with Behati Prinsloo (so hot and with a kinda fetish leather cover), another with Scarlet Johansson and two Vogue Spain with Irina Shayk and Karlie Kloss. Oh my… When I laid my eyes on those pages I realized what I was missing and why it is the quintessential women’s magazine. Page after page of endless editorials, fashion, makeup, beautiful models and interviews with them. Couldn’t ask for more. Since then I am a Vogue Lover!

  3. Mine is a bit absurd, but I’ll write it down here I guess. Back when I was young (very young, we’re talking elementary), I used to collect Hot Wheels toys (you know, the small cars). I have a couple of them (with couple I meant hundreds, when I went to college I took the time to count them and I had 181 of those cars). I was inspired by the TV shows where specific car owners have their own specialties. Say, this guy is a mechanic, this guy is a chef, and so on.

    So I did that too with my own collection. With a pinch of imagination, I decided some of my cars have specialties also. One of those cars have the name XS-IVE, and for some reason I decided that car to be a librarian of some sort. The car’s job was to count my books and newspaper collection. I couldn’t remember why I picked that car, but alas, I was young, anything could happen.

    It’s been more than a decade since that, already lost all of my collection and haven’t dealt with Hot Wheels for years, but the name’s stuck. When I signed up, I picked that car’s name.

    And by the way, when that ordeal happened, I was already interested with newspaper. I was 3 when I first liked newspapers.

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