The weekly’s

I must say sometimes the weekend supplements from newspapers such as Fabulous or Saturday from the Express give some tasty things to get a cock all over. I must say they are quite underrated Sometimes getting one just folded round my friend tucked into my boxer shorts is divine. . Then giving my self a vigorous but light shake up n down brings an almost blinding moment.

Also just bought this weeks Bella. Again these and woman’s owns can give off a pleasant sting. I couldn’t resist the Bella today with a decent sized tasty cover of Kate Garraway she’s not on many covers so any moment needs seized. Don’t get me wrong the big fashion ones always rule but the weekly mags are well worth a few shots!!

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  1. Ive just got Woman, Womans own, Hello and Hello fasion monthly. Agree about the weekend magazines too. The express Saturday magazines has some great xovers but the sunday mails You magazine is gorgeously glossy

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