As you may have previously seen there have been incidents where somebody would post a video from a youtuber and that resulted in unwarranted sexual comments that way.

These people need to be addressed and banned.

Secondly, there is the open pedophilia here on the board which I have addressed previously and was told off. Do not buy the statements of “well we are just attracted only to the feel!” again it doesnt matter. Making sexual comments and doing sexual things with teenagers on the cover should not be tolerated. I have hardly been active here for this reason largely tending to my discord server. So until these are addresed that is where I will continue to be and better moderate such a community.

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  1. Oh I get I now. So when people think, a teen magazine is gorgeous, and the model is 15, then your a pedofile?

    Most of EU, the legal age is 15. , and getting turned on by a magazine, is not the same as wanting to hurt kids.

    There has never been a cover on this site, with a model not the legal age

  2. The acusations fashionlover has brought up has been delt with some time ago, if there is any new acusations since last time, it will be delt with, but what before has been taken care off and decided is not illigal or pedophillia, will not be resubmitted for review. It is fashionlove who is creating the second elephant in the room with him seeing ghosts and pedophilles everywere. If no evidence to his claims are presented i suggest fashionlover withdraw from this site and close the profile.

    1. Because its pretty obvious with all the posts from people like Chrigi endlessly making posts about only teen magazines with questionable subjects on the cover.

  3. BXV is right. If you see any suspicious comment, please let us know (to me or BXV). And we will definitely deal with it.

    About the people who commented on Madeline post, i don’t agree they should get a ban. But it is true that they should moderate there words in order to not shock ‘external people’.

      1. chrigi has fotos of his dick and magazines with adult female on them, and magsrus is not on the forum anymore.

        Soooe? I get that, if someone had there dick out, in front of a magazine, with af kid not the legal age in the country, but that has never happened to my knowledge

  4. I have yet to see anything on this site that I would consider to be pedophilia or promoting or tolerating pedophilia.

    There are some things that aren’t to my taste, which I simply ignore.

    The business about people making lewd comments (or any comments for that matter) on a girl posting asmr videos on Youtube is another matter. That is not appropriate at all and should be completely discouraged.

    We aren’t necessarily weird for having a fetish, but people posting about it to people who have given no indication that they want that sort of attraction is not on.

  5. To start off, I believe that there isn’t really any pedophilia on this site. Yes there are some things that people post that I may think is weird or not agree with, but at the end of the day, we are still individuals that have something in common.

    I would really like to see an apology go out to this young woman because I can understand how she might feel towards our community. My piece of advice to you all is to try your best not to leave lewd or sexually focused comments on YouTube channels that women do magazine asmr on. It is not appropriate and I hope that is understandable.

    Although I am not active all of the time, I still see what goes on, and this is just a bump in the road.

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