Got this 2014 usa edition. 800+ pages. The person must have spent a bit on the postage.

When I seen this cover spreads out to 3 pages, 9 beauties. I just had to have it. It’s been a great afternoon.

To the purists out there. Sorry the feel of the clutch bag was too good and intense.

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        1. Yes I know, I also fuck womans clutch bags or a nice purse. I remember that I did fuck my moms used purses. They smelled so feminine and had a great odor of woman parfume. I used to stuffed them with goodies and then fuck the hell out of it.

  1. Hi Donnie

    Yeah clutch bags and handbags are great.
    I love big handbags too. I like to put 4/5 magazines into a bag and jerk into it all down the magazines. But I agree Dutch bags and smaller bags need padding out.

    Seeing a woman with a magazine folded popping out the top of a shiny handbag is hot.

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