Hello everyone!
This is my collection of glossy women’s mags.
I’m from Brazil and some of these mags may be new for You all.
My fetish for woman mags started, when I was a young boy, about my 10 or 11 years, and I went to the dentist, meanwille I was waiting my time, I watched around and over the table there were a lot of mags. I started to read ones, and I was starting to get excited watching a lot of hot women inside a cosmo mag, the ads of bikini or lingerie were making me crazy. I was a few embarassed, cause my dick was growing and I was in a waiting room with a lot of other people. Well I disguise and made some effort to calm down.
After pass at the dentist, I wished to ask if I could get one mag, but I was in company with my Mom and sure she will not let me have one of that mags. Meanwile she was distracted with my brother, I stole one mag and put under my t-shirt and pants at level of my waist and after we went back home.
That night I came a lot.
Sometimes when I went to grandma’s house or other relatives, if I found a glossy mag, I always jack to them.
After You know my history, these are my mags.
Some time ago I have a lot of more, but I cummed a lot on them and must have to put them on the dish.
I gonna buy again ones that were my favorites, as soon I find.
I love hot women in bikini, lingerie. The ads that there are inside sometimes makes me harder than the model in the cover. But nice faces, make me more harder too. My biggest fetish is tom cum in faces. I can’t resist.
Now enjoy!

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  1. Also from Brazil here, bro ! Parabéns pela maravilhosa coleção. Estou pra começar a comprar muita BoaForma e Corpo A Corpo também, as páginas são realmente muito boas. As minhas preferidas são as revistas de lingerie da DeMillus, especialmente as antigas, do início dos 2000, só que dá muito trabalho consegui-las nos dias de hoje. Enfim, parabéns pela iniciativa !

    1. Tmj mano!
      Eu também gosto da DeMillus. Tenho algumas que achei no lixo. Em breve farei meu relato sobre isso também.
      Vc pode dar uma olhada no site e imprimir umas fotos ( se vc tiver condições).
      O foda é que muitas publicações foram extintas, agora só conteúdo on-line. Ainda assim a gente vai garimpar na internet nesses sites de anúncios, ou então vamos pessoalmente nos sebos procurar alguma relíquia.Vira e mexe, também vejo em bancas de jornal revistas que ficaram encalhadas aí são vendidas em packs promocionais, tipo duas boa forma por 8 reais, ou duas Elle por 11 reais.
      Uma pechincha.
      Boa sorte.

      1. Sim, há muitos anos eu tentei imprimir algumas páginas de revistas que eu não encontrava, mas acabava não sendo igual, a revista dá todo o gostinho pra mim. Pergunta rápida, essa pagina da última foto (anúncio Cia. Marítima) é de qual das suas revistas ? Vou ter que comprar pq vai rolar um tributo kkkkk

  2. Your on the spot! I have the exactly same fetish about girls in the magazines, I get so hard if I see a gorgeous face. I have to cum on their faces . When I buy a magazine I only buy it if I the girl on the cover make me hard. I masturbate to Faces in ads or covers and girls in close-up interviews That is my biggest fetish..

  3. I once had a client who was Brazilian and read Boa Forma. I remember so well how she wanted to learn English by reading Cosmo. I sometimes snuck into the nearest bathroom before I would leave the office and masturbate at just how insanely hot it was to watch her touch the thin, slick paper and leaf through it with the soft side of her hand.

    Boa Forma was hot…I never got the guts to ask her for one but she always asked for magazines!

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