Oooh I am soo excited right now. I just got these magazine from my favorite magazine shop. The Eurowoman is BIG and THICK with many feminine ads. This magazine is new to me but it seems to be like ELLE or VOUGE. And my very first ALT for Damerne. I have searched for ALT for Damerne a long time now and finally I got my hands on it. I could not stop touching my bulge in my pants in the car, driving home..  I know what I gonna do to night! 🙂

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  1. I LOVE it! My hands where shaking when I had ALt for Damerne in my hands. I was so excited.
    Pity I did not had the chance to look it thru enough, I will soon though! I had Alt for Damerne in focus when I masturbated, but when the time was in for the cumshot I came to the Eurowoman cover.

  2. Well, now I have evaluate both EuroWoman and ALT for Damerne.

    From the start I was concentrated to ALT for Damerne. When I noticed that my local supplier had ALT for Damerne I rushed to the shop to buy it, I had built up a craving for it over the years. I always thought that magazine had exactly what I wanted, Kind of Swedish Damernas Värld but in Danish. I had a huge hard-on when I found out that they had it in the shop. When I came to the shop I also notice Eurowoman, That even got me more excited. I Bought them both.
    As I mentioned before I came to the Eurowoman cover the first time when I had ALT for damerne in focus.The second time I masturbated to ALT for Damerne, a very exciting report got my whole attention. A gorgeous girl with blue glossy nails made me cum a big time. That report still excites me. ALT for Damerne gets my approval. I have masturbated to it approx 10 times since buying it.

    The Eurowoman was new to me. I didnt know its existens. Eurowoman to me is like reciving a blowjob from a woman from a Versace catwalk.
    It is ALL that I want from a magazine. Plenty of gorgeous ads and exciting reports in a big format. This magazine had made me cum about 20-25 times since I bought it. This is my new best friend. I really LOVE it. From here after Im going to buy it every time it arrives in my shop.

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