Hey guys!

Ive been requested to post some of my collection, and include some of my heels. Not sure if everyone has seen my instagram, so here are two of my favourite pairs at the moment!

Had a request to show my Cosmo and Womens Health issues…..and this is just SOME of them.  I subscribe to Womens Health and pick up Cosmo way too often that I should just subscribe. I also used to subscribe to Shape, but theyre all the same and I liked WH way more. The. Obviously guilty of getting other fitness and health magazines too!


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  1. That’s so amazing, thank you for sharing.
    Could you please show us more of your magazines and heels? Possibly spread out on the floor or bed so we can see a little more.
    Love the heels btw, very sexy indeed ❤

  2. wow…do you clean the dust around these? it would make my allergies crazy to breathe in all that closet dust from these magazines. I already wear a respirator mask when I read them because of my asthma and chemical allergies but I’m just dying over here thinking of how good that magazine pile must smell…

    1. That must be a torturous tease!! Being allergic to the smell of magazines but wanting to smell them must be so tough!

      The perfume samples are my favourite!

      1. Sometimes I open the perfume samples outside and take off the organic vapor filters of my respirator mask AND INHALE
        It makes me feel really hot and fevery, but I can take it for a little while and enjoy the feeling.

        Have you ever tried to wear a breathing mask and rub the perfume samples into it, then breath in?

        Can I ask what you think of the paper? do you have a magazine you like to touch the most? Cosmo is by far the smoothest slickest paper for me and its so so so so thin which feels like such a tease too

  3. Great to have you on here. Your husband is very lucky.
    Do you also have shiny handbags or metallic ones like sexy ladies like you take to the pool/beach?
    I love to see woman carrying there hot magazines just sticking out from the top of their handbags. It’s a complete tease and turn on. I always imagine on a train, plane, beach or the waiting room situation knowing I want to rub myself on her handbag while she reads her magazines

    1. Thanks!! ❤❤
      I do have a few handbags! Only a couple higher end bags, and then a bunch of regular every day bags. I get the attraction though! I lust for high end bags, but like my shoes I always end up finding something a lot more practical!

      If you are interested in a video or pictures, send me a dm! Situational fantasy is my forté!

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