Oct 132021

  7 Responses to “Tonight’s reading”

  1. This Vogue with Adele is very hot. I just simply need to have it! As a matter of fact at least two copies. One to have fun with immediately and one for the next night. It might be hard not to show excitement at the newsstand

  2. please fuck adele for us and do some pics

  3. I’m sure it will be a good night

  4. Oh, I love Adele. Im going to buy this issue when it hits my shelf. I have a hard-on just by looking at this cover.

  5. Love to wank over the adele cover ????

  6. This place is more censored than the BBC! All I said was Adele was rough and has a big annoying face. Calm down you sad little mods, don’t get your kickers in a twist.

  7. Can’t wait till they get this in my local Barnes and Nobel. Been there 3x this week and….. not yet. Can’t wait to give Adele the Overvogue treatment